Saturday, April 19, 2008

First Night of Passover

We celebrated the first Passover Seder this evening. It was actually Adam's 2nd Seder... he was *five days old* during the Seder last year. We held it in the kitchen at Mom's house... it was just me, Steven, Mom and Adam. I nursed Adam on a chair at one end of the kitchen with "My Brest Friend" blue gingham nursing pillow and Steven lead the (*very* abbreviated) seder at the kitchen table. We kept the lights really dim since Mom was worried about the bright lights in a newborn's eye. The evening was very special, of course, and definitely unlike any Seder in year's past b/c Adam was here and my dad, sadly, was not. Three days later was Adam's bris, one day late since no Mohel would travel during the first two days of Pesach. We had the most delicious "Kosher for Passover" spread and were blessed with family and dear friends at his Bris.

This year for Pesach, Uncle Steven and Aunt Elizabeth are in town which we're so very happy about. Steven and Elizabeth are soooooo much fun to be around and have a wonderful energy surrounding them.

We had a faboulous Seder at the Merrill's (Carl and Alice) home in Potomac. Adam sat in the highchair with his "I love Matzah" bib on and his Passover board book on his tray. He happily ate chicken and banana for about 30 minutes and then he was ready to start walking around again. He loved playing with the dog... of course, since Adam loves doggies and this was a real one! :)

I just love Alice and her mom and Carl's mom. "The two mothers", as we call them, are 96 and 93 years old. They are two of the most incredible and inspiring women I've ever met. They not only look 15 years younger, they have the disposition and personality of two women in their sixties. They are so full of life and joy. Truly inspirational and quite lovely women. I just love them. Adam did, too... especially their jewelry, of course. I'm hoping to take him to Rockville to visit them one afternoon.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera out of the car so I didn't get any adorable Pesach pictures of Adam. GRR. He looked so precious, too, in his little Polo shirt, khaki pants, and leather sandals (see photo above which was taken before we left today). I will be taking plenty of photos at the Seder at the Shuman's home tomorrow evening...hopefully!

It was such a busy day as we also had Riley's birthday party this afternoon. It was so much fun and Adam loved the Elmo theme! Of course, I forgot my camera (again... GRR) but Molly said she'll e-mail me some pics. Needless to say, Adam is in a very deep sleep now after a very fun and eventful day.

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