Monday, April 7, 2008

New favorites: bubble maker and Adam's own cell phone!

It is rare to find Adam without the following in his hands (besides doggy, of course):

his bubble maker or his new cell phone (we're starting him young with technology).

The bubble maker was a birthday gift from Zayde. Adam is absolutely fascinated by it and spends at least one hour a day playing with it. He knows how to "work the machine" all by himself and stares at the bubbles in awe -- or smiles -- everytime the bubbles come out. He also loves to walk around, holding the bubble maker by the handle, like a lunch pail.

Adam also loves his cell phone. The rumors are true... babies really do love cell phones, keys, remote controls... anything grown up that they shouldn't be playing with. I found an old cell phone of mine and cleaned it up and presented it to Adam. Even though the battery is dead (no noise), he still is enamored with it.

Other LL news... Adam stood up for the first time today (without holding on). Even though he's been walking for weeks, he's always held onto something to pull himself up. Today he finally got up all on his own. He is walking about 75% of the time and he even ran a little bit today. He's such a joy...

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Getz Gang said...

I LOVE HIM!!! Way to go Adam! Keep up the good work. Tell your mom to start planning a trip down to see us.
love you all