Monday, April 28, 2008

Dr. visit and NEW FOODS :)

I still need to post some photos on last Friday's "field trip" to a wonderful park with Riley and also Adam's special visit with Mr. and Mrs. D, who were in town from Boone, NC. I promise those posts are coming later this week! :)

For now, I will update our Adam Fans with some other news. Adam finally had his 12 month check-up last week (3 weeks late... our Drs. are busy!) and he was officially diagnosed as a "lightweight". He weighs almost 20 lbs. (hopefully he's hit the big 2-0 mark now since the appt. was last week) which places him in the 5 - 10th %ile, the same %ile he was in when he was born. Fortunately, he did triple his birth weight (just barely, but he did). Length-wise, he only grew 1 inch in 3.5 months which means his height dropped from the 50-75th%ile to the 25-50th%ile. Of course, this being ME, I was a *little* concerned. I'm not concerned that he is on the "smaller side" (as long as he's healthy), I'm concerned that the length percentiles dropped during the last 2 appts. At four and six months, he was in the 75th%ile (25th%ile at birth) and it's continued to drop since then. The Dr. didn't seem too worried, though. He said if he continues to drop in the percentiles, we can check his blood during his 15 month visit. I *really hope* it doesn't come down to that!!! He recommended feeding him LOTS of protein and giving him the Step 2 formula (20 - 24 oz. a day) instead of milk. He also wants us to keep him on bottles (instead of sippy cups) until his 15mo. visit.

We got the "thumbs up" to feed him anything but seafood and nuts. As a result, we've been experiencing with lots of different foods, all of which Adam has seemed to like (YAY!). His "new favorite foods" are cottage cheese on whole wheat toast and scrambled eggs with cheese. He also has tried cheese lasagna (his face was priceless when tasting the marinara sauce!), pineapple, rice and lots of versions of chicken (he's been eating plain chicken for months now). Hopefully he'll continue to eat well and grow, grow, grow!!!

Interesting side note... ever since Adam has officially become a walker, he has been sleeping 11 - 12 hours a night after only sleeping for 10 hours a night for months and months. Guess he needs more rest now that he's practically running through the house! :)

Photo note 1: As all faithful Adam fans know, Adam LOVES dogs! Real dogs (he smiles and laughs whenever he sees a dog... so cute) and, of course, stuffed dogs. I bought him "White Doggy" (see second photo) for Valentine's Day and he has recently taken a liking to him, too. Do you think this is his way of telling us we should get a pet dog?!? ALSO, if you look carefully at the photo (you can click on it to enlarge it), you can see Adam's reflection in the window! You may also notice the curls coming in on the back of his head... which everybody comments on...

Photo note 2: Isn't the Roots T-shirt adorable? It is a hand-me-down from the cousins, probably a gift from our other cousins who live in Toronto.

Photo note 3: This is LL's usual sleeping position. He *loves* his bumpers and is always in the corner, against the bumpers. When I put him in his crib at night, he graps Doggy (or Doggies -- plural! -- and Ducky) and proceeds to his corner. When I get him out of his crib in the AM, he usually smiles at me and then bends down to pick up Doggy (if he isn't holding him) and then, finally, puts his arms out to get out of the crib. PRECIOUS!!!

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