Sunday, April 20, 2008

Passover -- Night Two

Adam really does love matzah... and kugel, tzimmes (carrots & sweet potatoes)and Kosher for Passover stuffing! He ate the whole Passover meal tonight (see 1st photo)!

We went to the Shumans for the second Seder and had a great time. Adam got to play with Larry & Deanna's grandaughter, Alexi, who's 9 months older than Adam (see last photo). He had a lot of fun playing with all of her toys (see 2nd and last photos)!

Adam also continued to bond with Uncle Steven and Aunt Elizabeth (see 3rd and 4th photos). It's so sweet to see him playing with them. We are SO happy that they are in town and that we got to spend this special holiday with them.

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Getz Gang said...

what a big kid!!! Not a baby anymore! Miss ya'll