Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two doggies!!!

Adam finally received his birthday present from us today (12 days late, since it had to be special ordered): a New Doggy! It is the exact same Gund dog, Spunky, as his beloved original but it's much bigger and doesn't bark. It's also machine washable, a BIG plus, since I'm hand washing (original) Doggy at least once a week.

We decided to get LL a new, bigger doggy since, as Steven pointed out, Adam has gotten bigger so Doggy should also be getting bigger. :)

Actually, the real reason we bought New Doggy is to have a back-up dog if, G-d forbid, something happens to (original) Doggy. As I've mentioned earlier in past entries, Adam is truly in love with (original) Doggy. He takes him wherever he goes. Yesterday when I went to get him oout of his crib, he reached back to pick up Doggy before going into my arms (so cute). He loves to walk with Doggy... usually holding Doggy by his ears. If there's something else Adam wants, he'll actually carry doggy in his mouth, usually by the ears (he loves those ears). He always kisses Doggy on the nose when he sees him.

Hopefully he'll get to love New Doggy once he "breaks him in" aka biting/kissing him on the nose, ears, etc. He gave us an ENORMOUS grin when he saw New Doggy and started walking around the living room with him. A few hours later, I put both Doggies together, for the first time. Adam was so confused... he kept looking, very seriously, at one dog and then the other. Then he broke out into another huge grin and paraded around the room holding a dog in each hand. Priceless.

Photo note 1: Ignore the diapers in the 2nd photo photo...Adam had just finished going through his diaper bag!!! See the size difference of the dogs in the photo?

Photo note 2: If you look REALLY closely in the corner of the photos, you can see Doggy #3 (aka "Big Doggy")! It's actually a doggy blanket, another gift that we received when Adam was born. FYI... he likes "Big Doggy" but is not attached to him.

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