Sunday, April 13, 2008

Milk, Cheese, Chicken... & New Shoes (& bath toys)

The title pretty much summarizes our weekend.

Adam is experimenting with new foods. He had milk for the first time and seemed to really like drinking it from his sippy cup (yay!). The Doctor advised us to keep him on formula until his 12 month appt (which will be next Tuesday, almost a month late -- our Doctor is so busy!) but said we could slowly transition the milk in. He also had toast with cream cheese for the first time today and loved it (like any good Jew would... we just have to switch the toast to a bagel!). Other news in the food department... Adam has been eating chicken for a few months now and loves it. Yesterday he took a bite of the chicken and announced "chicken". It was great... he repeats the word all the time but it's the first time he's said it on his own.

Adam's shoes were too tight so we went to Stride Rite and picked out two new pairs (buy one, get the second pair half off -- good deal!). It took him a few minutes to adjust to walking in the new shoes but by evening, he was walking in his new sneaks like a pro. :)

We also broke out Adam's new bath toys this evening. He got a cool water movement toy from Zayde and adorable color changing ducks from his cousins Jake, Evan and Zach. He loved his new toys so much that he took them out of the tub with him!

Photo note #1: Adam is loving his new sneaks! If you look carefully, you can see some chicken in his mouth (I didn't realize that he hadn't swallowed it all till I saw that photo. Oops!).

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