Tuesday, April 15, 2008

a little scare

Yesterday we were at Pamela's house for a big playdate. Adam was showing off his new walking skills and was quite happy just walking around Pamela's house. At one point, Adam walked over to the front door. Next thing I heard was a big boom (in the split second that I took my eyes off of him) and Adam was lying on his back on the hardwood floor. Fortunately, he was on the little mat by the door, but still. I ran over and he just looked at me with a startling look (a "how did I get here on the floor?" look) and let out a few little cries/sniffles. I held him but he was eager to start walking again. He seemed to be 100% fine... walking and grinning within a minute of falling so I forgot about it. Until this morning when he threw up after drinking his bottle. Besides Adam's two little bouts with a stomach virus, he hasn't vomited since he's been five months old (before that, he suffered from horrible acid reflux and threw up about every other day). Needless to say, I was a little concerned since vomiting (up to 24 hours after a fall) is a sign of a head injury. I called the nurse hotline at our pediatrition's office and she told me to immediately bring him in to get examined. I managed to keep my cool and we went in to see Dr. W who performed a neurological exam (checked pupils, reflexes, etc.) on Adam. Thank G-d he said that he passed the exam just fine and he doesn't seem to have a head injury. Thank G-d. Who knows why he threw up this morning, maybe he just had a "bubble" like he used to when he was younger?!? He did not act sick at all... was his active happy self all day. So the incident this morning is a mystery.

No great photos to post but doesn't LL look adorable in his footsy pajamas (Thanks, Aunt Samantha!)? Also, the photo shows Adam with his two doggies. Original doggy (in his mouth) got stained in the laundry. Look at the difference in color between the two dogs! Can you tell which one is new? :)

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