Friday, April 25, 2008


Lots of stuff to write about... our "deck adventure" from last week, our special visitors yesterday and our great fun at the park today with Riley. However, I am tired from having such a fun-filled couple of days so I will write about an incident that happened tonight that filled me with joy.

Adam has being saying "dada" since 5.5 months... of course, it was just a sound until a few months ago. He nows says "dada" referring to Steven once in a while, definitely not on a consistent basis (which the pediatrician assured me was normal at his age). He only started saying "mama" a few months ago (he never did say it as a sound). A few times a week, when Adam's annoyed, he'll say "mamammamamamma" which is awfully cute. However, he's never just said the two syllable "ma-ma" to me. Until tonight...

When Steven got home from work, he took Adam out onto the deck to walk around. I started waving to Adam from the glass door and Steven said "Adam, look" and pointed at me. Adam then gave me a huge smile and said "MAMA". It was THE BEST since it was the first time he's really said it in context. He then said it two more times in his adorable little voice.

We are so in love with that child.

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