Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Moo" and other other animal sounds

I guess our *three* trips last week to Frying Pan Farm paid off.

Adam has said seven words "in context" and 4 out of the 7 are farm words: quack quack, moo, chicken (said it about the meat not the animal... but still) and baa.

Now you can see why his birthday theme was "A Barnyard Bash"! :)

Today was the first time he said "baa" (in context, of course. He's been babbling the sound since he's been 5.5 months old!). Grandma gave him his little sheep toy (part of the barnyard truck from Bobbe & Zayde) and Adam said "baa" when he saw it. When I asked him what a sheep said, he also said "baa". I had no idea he knew the word! All those nights of reading "Baa Baa Bedtime" have paid off!!!

BTW... these photos were taken last Friday at Frying Pan Park. Adam wasn't too fond of the horse! Actually, he was... he was upset that I pulled the hood up on his stroller. He had just discovered it and found it to be more interesting than the animals. Once I let him play with the stroller hood again, all was well.

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