Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fun at Frying Pan Farm Park

It was a beautiful Saturday so we decided to go on a little adventure. We took Adam to Frying Pan Park... a beautiful county park with lots of barns full of animals. Adam loved it... he took it all in and smiled at the animals. Afterwards, I told him he we saw some cows and he went "MMM" (as in "moo"!)

Next, we went to Barnes & Noble (our favorite store) and let Adam walk around the children's section. He LOVED the train table (especially eating the little trains... sigh) but it was so endearing to watch him walking around the table. He found a little girl (2 years old) to play with and pointed, smiled and talked to her. It was precious... except when the little girl got scared (of little love?!?) and cried. All in all, It was a really fun family day.

Bonus photo of Adam walking included! He is walking more and more... almost running at times! As you can see, he LOVES to walk and finds himself to be very funny and clever when doing so! What a cutie (or as his shirt says, "Naturally Adorable"!) :)

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