Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Uncle Steven's in Town! Yahoo! :o)

Adam and I were both excited to go to Grandma's House this morning to see Uncle Steven! He took the red-eye from Los Angeles and arrived nice & early this morning (Aunt Elizabeth is joining us tomorrow night). Adam ran right to Uncle Steven and they started kicking the soccer ball together immediately.

Adam and I came home so he could nap (he fell asleep within minutes of getting in the car and slept for 4 hours!) in his Big Boy Bed. When we got back to Grandma's House in the evening, Adam said:

Uncle Steven! What's Happening? when he saw him & ran up to him. One of the top 10 cutest things he's said to date. The "other" Steven (DaDa, better known as "H" to my family) joined us for dinner -- Mom's classic "skinless boneless chicken" (it tastes much better than it sounds!). It was so great to be together again. I miss my brothers terribly (Uncle Joey is aslo arriving tomorrow) and we eventually plan to move to CA to be closer to them. Eventually. are some snapshots from today:

Endless tickle sessions -- when I told Adam we were going back to Grandma's House to see Uncle Steven he actually said "he tickles me". I was thinking "Welcome to MY childhood"... one of the joys of having a brother 8 years older than me... endless tickle sessions. He stills tickles me... to this day!!!

Adam and Uncle Steven spent A LOT of time throwing around this oversized nerf-like tennis ball. Adam literally cried when we took the ball away to have dinner. His new favorite thing is throwing a ball (and kicking one). Uncle Steven is teaching him how to catch the ball.

Adam LOVES his Uncle Steven!!!

More pics tomorrow when Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Joey arrive! Aunt Hillary, wish you were joining us, too!!!

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