Monday, July 6, 2009

Fabulous 4th (of July) :)... & going down memory lane

We had a fabulous 4th of July -- full of family, friends, and fun (how cliche, huh)! Seriously, though, the day was about perfect. It started out with a visit from my brother Steve's old business partner, Craig. Steve and Craig owned a college bar and restaurant in H'burg, VA for about 8 years. They were fraternity brothers in college and reconnected to start their businesses together.

I went to college in NC, about 4 hours away from H'burg. I would visit Steve about once every month or two throughout my college experience. I always had THE BEST TIME. Some of my favorite memories are from that time in my life. I always felt so special being Steve's little sister as he was definitely "the big man on campus", so to speak. Of course, Craig was never too far (along with their other buddies including JD - who I had the biggest crush on for years!). Steve and Craig were roommates at first and then they both bought houses just a few feet away from each other. Every Sunday in the fall would be "Football Sunday" and no girls were allowed... except for sisters (me)! Good, good times!

So, with all of that being said, I was really excited to see Craig and his family again on Saturday (the last time I saw him was at my brother's wedding almost 2 years ago). It was so sweet seeing him as a wonderful Daddy now, too! We all enjoyed a fun afternoon together... complete with a delicious BBQ lunch from Mom! Here are some photos (of course):

Steven with Craig, his wife Ginger, and kids Gunnar & Isla

Adam playing with Gunnar and Isla

Look at that face! Adam did NOT feel like sharing the chair with Isla!

Adam giving Uncle Joey a hug

After Adam took another LONG nap (4 hours!), we met up with the family at Ber.tucci's for dinner. Afterwards, we headed to City for the fireworks! Adam LOVED LOVED LOVED them. He seriously could not get enough... "see fireworks, more fireworks", etc. I literally spent the whole time photographing him with everyone (we took turns holding him so he could be high up)
The fireworks (lousy pic, I know)

Grandma & Adam. Mom has always enjoyed fireworks, too, so we grew up loving them. She wanted to buy him sparklers... um, not yet, Mom! :)

"Look, Uncle Steven!"

Adam enjoying the fireworks with both Uncle Joey and Uncle Steven!

Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Steven and Adam

We left the fireworks around 10 and went back to Grandma's house for blueberry pie & ice-cream. It truly was a fabulous 4th of July!!!*

*Of course, we are all missing Uncle Steven, Aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Joey terribly now. Thanks for such a wonderful visit!!!


Sarah said...

I love the one of him pointing with Uncle Steven...he is getting so big!!!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Fun! That's great that Adam was so impressed with the fireworks. Teo was scared out of his wits at first. He was actually trembling in my arms.