Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Adam-isms

Adam continues to crack us up every single day with the expressions that come out of his mouth. Here are a few of the things that he's said lately...

"Where are all the kids?" -- when looking out the window

"Donnie is a good boy! Ryan is a naughty boy. He bites his friends" -- talking about other kids.

"This is a play ducky... real ducky is outside" -- when he woke up from his nap he held his duck and said this. Recently he's been saying this a lot -- that things are "not real".

"The buggy hurt me. I need cream!" -- whenever Adam sees cream he'll say that he has a boo-boo or that a buggy "hurt" him and he needs the cream (he doesn't -- he just wants the cream!).

"Here, boy" -- sharing his stick with a kid on the playground. Once he learns a kid's name, he'll use it. Often. I use names a lot in conversation so he must have picked this up from me.

"Chicken nuggets -- macaroni and cheese -- thanks!" -- when looking out the window, in his playhouse. Guess he was placing an order? I really don't go through the drive-thru that often. Really! Even though I have to admit when we drove by McDonald's yesterday he said "Mc.Donalds! Want chicken nuggets!" He's only had them 3 or 4 times... I guess they are that addictive. Not that I would know! =)

"Dog! Wake Up! We have a serious problem!" and "Here you go. Let me cut it for you" -- his conversation with doggy (who he calls "dog" when talking to him but "doggy" when referring to him). He's really into pretend play these days. He frequently likes giving the doggies a bath and today he pretended to change his beary's diaper... using wipes and all! He'll also put his stuffed animals to sleep (and rock them first and give them a doggy to hold -- too cute). Sometimes he'll feed them, too.

"Turn on the air!" -- when he entered the hot car

"Do you remember this, grandma?" -- showing Grandma the Pat the Bunny book... one of his first books =)

"MINE!" "It's MINE!" "Adam's!" -- Adam was great about sharing toys. Until recently. Before we go anywhere he'll say to me "have to share" and sometimes he does. Other times, this is what I hear instead. We're working on it.

"I'm hungry. I need canta-ope (cantalope)" -- this is usually said when he's not at all hungry but just wants something yummy to eat (that he happens to see).

"Go to Target, Mama!" -- when he wants to be naughty, he'll ask me to leave so I can't "catch" him acting up. Which is so ironic b/c he loves being near Mama 99.9% of the time so it always cracks me up when he says this.

"My feet are dirty (looking at his CLEAN feet). I need a bath right now" -- while watching "The Letter Factory" yesterday, he proclaimed this. By the way, as a result of "The Letter Factory", Adam knows all his letters AND the sounds they make. It's incredible.

"Dada! Are you home?" -- when he got on the phone to speak to Steven tonight.

We definitely have a very entertaining kid! Hearing him speak is a highlight of each day (when he's not whining, of course)! New pictures coming soon! =)


Sarah said...

I love that he tells you to "Go to Target" smart!!!

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Sounds a lot like Teo. I always feel a bit embarrassed when we're at the park or somewhere and he says "Look, girl (goy-al), I'm swinging." or something like that. He also says "Boy" if he doesn't know the kid's name.