Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Summer!

Ah, the lazy days of summer. Here is what Adam has been up to this week:

Adam's favorite new activity is his water table, hands down. The neighbor girls, Tara and Ella, love to join him in the fun. Adam acts like a "big kid" around them!

We went to the pool with some friends on Friday. Adam found this hose in the pool and was fascinated with it.

Adam and Asha playing together... so sweet.

A rare quiet moment... watching "Kipper the Dog" in Mama & Dada's bed.

Adam's new coat! I bought it for him at Gym.boree yesterday (using my "gymbucks") and he LOVED it... he was so excited. Yep, that's my kiddo -- loving clothes!

Adam using his new fingerpaints. Which ended up on the carpet and drapes. OY. I think we'll keep the painting to Gym.boree!

Adam LOVED playing in these fountains this evening...

Water Tot! Oh... and for you tabloid readers, YES, Adam is wearing the same adorable Ses.ame Street bathing suit that the Goss.elin boys were wearing on Kate's vacation! Those photos came out a few days after I bought him the suit. I was tempted to return it but it just looks too darn cute on him. =)

Hanging out with the Big Kids at the fountains... can you spot him?

Adam had B & J chocolate ice-cream (his new favorite food) after dinner for a special treat. He kinda resembles Jerry, huh?

I just love spending summer days with my Little Love! =)


beth and melinda said...

dude! it's been toooooooooooo long

E, SS and the Little Man said...

That's great that he's not intimidated by the fountain. Teo won't go near them yet. I'm glad that Adam likes his water table now. :)