Friday, July 3, 2009

Cousin Reunion in Baltimore/Shabbat Dinner at Grandma's House! (TONS of photos)

Adam got to hang out with lots & lots of his cousins today at our mini family reunion in B'more! :) When I was a little girl, we used to have HUGE family reunions in Lancaster, PA at Park (where my mom is from). I used to look forward to it every year. The "next generation" is carrying on the tradition! Here are some photos from our luncheon:

Cousin Ben & his daughter, Cousin Mila with Cousin Jen & her kiddos Cousin Claire & Baby Blake

Adam getting a hug from Cousin Mila

Adam and Cousin Alex giving each other "5"

Adam having a serious conversation with Aunt Elizabeth and Cousin Claire

Cousin Jamie holding her new cousin, Baby Blake

Looking up at the huge tree in the restaurant with Great Uncle Morty (Grandma's brother)

Cousin Jamie, Aunt Elizabeth, Uncle Stven, & Cousin Paul eating their pizza & pasta

Uncle Morty and Aunt Elaine with their grandson, Blake (so sweet!)

Daddy, Uncle Steven, Aunt Elizabeth (holding Adam), Cousins Jamie, Michael & Alex and Cousin Paul (holding Claire)

After lunch, we took a walk over to the B'more Harbor. Adam loved it and kept saying "water" and "go in boat". We actually had him go in the paddle boat but he started to cry "No Like It" and "Adam do it himself" (as in Adam paddle the boat himself). He was *very* upset when he found out that he couldn't paddle the boat himself (I know, I'm getting too strict!) so he decided to forgo the boat ride. He was back to his happy self again when we stopped for ice-cream. :)
Checking out the B'more Harbor water with Grandma

Daddy & Adam overlooking the B'more Harbor

Uncle Steven, Daddy and Adam in their lifejackets

Close-up of Little Love in his lifejacket

Uncle Steven & Aunt Elizabeth getting ready to sail away...

We were at the B'more Harbor for 3 hours but it felt like 10! Adam fell asleep within 30 seconds of getting in the car and slept for over 3.5 hours total. We went to Grandma's House for Shabbat Dinner after his long nap. Here are some photos from the evening (lots of fun!!!!):
Playing soccer with Uncle Steven and Uncle Joey (and Daddy, too)!

Adam & Uncle Joey

Adam drinking his "wine" (it was an empty cup)

Shabbat with Uncle Joey and Uncle Steven

Aunt Elizabeth and Adam
Enjoying Grandma's Shabbat Dinner

Adam "looking up" to his Uncle Joey

Catching fireflies with Uncle Steven (sooo much fun!)

Whew! What a busy day! What a happy Little Love!

More tomorrow as we are seeing old friends for a 4th of July BBQ!

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Amanda said...

Wow!! Looks like y'all had a great 4th!! LL is darling as always :)