Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Gang's All Here!

Uncle Joey and Aunt Elizabeth (Uncle Steven's wife) arrived this afternoon. We were soooo happy to see them! We're just sorry Aunt Hillary couldn't be with us, too (thinking of you, Hillary).

Before Steven and Mom went to the airport to pick up Joey and Elizabeth, Steven had some fun playing football with Adam:

After Joey and Elizabeth arrived, we all headed to a local playground. Adam was very shy when they first arrived. However, once we got to the playground, Adam was shouting for "Uncle Joey!" It was soooo cute!!!

Adam also enjoyed being with Aunt Elizabeth (and Grandma, too, of course):

Adam got to touch a bunny rabbit for the first time (it was this little girl's pet!):

Steven and Elizabeth also had some fun at the playground:

They are such a beautiful couple... I just love seeing them together.

Afterwards, we all went to the local Indian restaurant. To end the evening, we had a "nightcap" of frozen yogurt. It was such a fun family day... I just love it when we're all (the 3 siblings) together... it's the best.

Adam wiping off Uncle Joey's face :)

Here's Adam with his first "goatee" (courtesy of Ore.o Cookies):

Tomorrow we are headed to Baltimore to meet up with the cousins... will post more pictures tomorrow night. Hope everyone has a wonderful 3-day weekend! :)

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