Friday, July 31, 2009

birthday blues

I turned the big 3-4 today.

Let me start by saying that I'm so appreciative of all the calls, cards and e-mails that I have received today. Also, due to the magic of Facebook, I received around 30 birthday greetings! So fun! Also, Mom/Grandma cooked a delicious dinner (cashew chicken) for my birthday and baked a blueberry cobbler cake! Of course, my camera battery had died but we took a few pics on my mom's camera... I'll post those soon. Steven is taking me to my favorite restaurant, The Pot, for my birthday dinner tomorrow night. Of course I'm looking forward to that! Overall, I'm *very* thankful to my family & wonderful friends for that.

Unfortunately, though, I kinda had the birthday blues today. Mainly due to the fact that Adam woke up at 3 AM (last night/yesterday morning) and said his nose hurt. Sure enough, his nose was running. He wasn't able to sleep and we were both up most of the night. Today his cold continued to get worse. He seemed to have a fever earlier this evening but he feels much cooler now (Thank G-d). Since one of his Dr's told me never to give tylenol/motrin unless a fever is 100.6 (?) I haven't... and it seemed to break on its own. But who knows how the rest of tonight and weekend will be. I already cancelled our plans for a playdate with Nita and Ricky tomorrow which I was looking forward to. =(

Adam was also extremely irritable & whiny today... very, very "Terrible 2-ish"... I'm hoping it's due to him feeling sick (I'm sure it is) and it's not a new stage he's entering. He did, however, sing "Happy Birthday to Mama" several times today - sooooo cute!!! =)

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. To be honest, I'm kinda thankful that my birthday is now behind me. Let the new year begin!!!

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E, SS and the Little Man said...

Happy birthday! We're the same age. I love Facebook and all the messages you get on your birthday. So sorry about the summer sickness. Hope you both feel better soon. I'm dealing with the Terrible-two-ness (and no nap again today!!) here too. I can totally empathize.