Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Funny Little Love

I have been reminded by several family members that I have not written a "real post" in a while. I have so much to blog about, too, but there are so many hours in the day (and I'm chasing Adam for most of them)! I've also been working the past few weeks,part-time, on an appeals panel. The extra money is nice and it keeps my brain "active" during the summer! =)

Adam is doing great... 28 months old today and funny as ever. Actually, I found out I was pregnant with him 3 years ago this week. Amazing. Anyway, he continues to be SO CURIOUS about everything, which I love. Just yesterday I told him that there was a new Barney episode to which he replied by saying "CALLED..."? He was so serious, too! I always tell him the titles of the new Barney episodes so when I didn't... well, he called me on it!!! It really cracked me up. Today I asked him, as I do everyday, "Guess what we're doing today?" and he usually guesses. Not today. Instead he said "What... what?". I just love his little personality. He's also really into pretend play these days. He loves to take his doggies (of course) on rides in the school bus, give them baths, feed them dinner, give them his sippy cup to drink, etc. He also likes to put them "to bed" and go "Shhh... he's sleeping" while holding his finger to his mouth. He acts so grown up in these moments!

LL has also hit the big "It's MINE" stage. Everything is "MINE"! I made the "mistake" of leaning on his bed yesterday (which he usually loves), and he said 'MY Big Boy Bed"! Also, when I picked him up from Montessori today he told Rushan's mom that "This is MY Mommy" and clung to my leg. He still shares relatively well (usually) but is very into "mine mine mine"!!!

As always, we are so enjoying our Little Love. Hope to write more in the upcoming days... in the meantime, here are some Shabbat photos from Friday... Adam LOVES Shabbat at Grandma's House:

Putting on his kippah (the one Uncle Joey bought him in Israel last year)! Nice! Oh, that little table was mine when I was a kid! You can see my little flouresent Cray.ola crayon drawings (I still remember those crayons like it was yesterday) all ove the table!

Adam's favorite part is a toss up between lighting the candles and saying the blessing over the wine. And... yes, he will be getting another haircut soon. =)

Cutest thing ever... Adam has started to cover his eyes (like Mommy and Grandma) during the blessings. EXCEPT if you look closely, you'll see that one eye is peeping out! Adam HAS to see EVERYTHING that's going on. Very classic Little Love!!!

Giving Grandma a Shabbat kiss... such a sweetie!

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