Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adam's New Digs (well, sorta) & Mama's New Blog

Since Adam no longer sleeps in a crib (update on that will come soon), we decided to convert his room from a nursery into a "Big Boy Room"... here are some photos and stories:

Welcome to Adam's room... I just love this sign above the door. It was a baby present from my very dear friend, Aunt Christioli and her extremely talented husband, Travis (they created it together). Love it! If you look closely, you'll also see the Noah's Ark Mezuzah on the side of the door that my mom bought him when we moved here. Mezuzah was one of LL's first 50 words and he still loves to run back and forth from our room to his, touching the Mezuzahs.

If you click up close to this photo, you can see the handmade letters above Adam's bed. We just moved them to this location. They are purposely high up (probably too high) since Adam used to love grabbing at them. In fact, in his old location, it used to read "ADA" since the "M" was grabbed from his little hands before he turned one. :) You might also see the little fishies in one of the letters... the letters matched Adam's fishie nursery set from Pott.ery Barn Kids, which I got on sale and adored. I also had a matching fishie rug but Adam got, um, "sick" on it about a year ago. No stain removal will remove his throw-up =(. You may also notice the new bumpers in the photo... they were actually cheap ones from B.R.Us that my mom used to use in her crib for him. They are reversible... stripes on my side, stars on the back. My mom and I had an actual argument about which side should be shown... I "won" with the stripes. Of course, Adam's doggies are on his bed along with "Bear-Y" (the only non-bear he'll allow on there)... those aren't even all of his dogs... he has quite the collection now. :) You can also find Adam's EL.MO collection in the corner. Last but not least, cute position I found Adam in, huh? He was SOUND ASLEEP!

The gorgeous sign that Christy & Travis made for Adam's 1st birthday (they really are so talented)!!!

The only other furniture in LL's room... his dresser (which used to have a changing table on top). and the old IK.EA chair which was from my Mom's house (with new cushions). On top of his dresser are a box of wipes (of course), Adam's sunglasses (which never stay on his face) and a little Baby Bear which I got from another dear friend (Jenny!) over 10 years ago for my birthday. :) Nice stain on the wall, too, from moving the chair around so much (it will not come off... we need to re-paint the room). =( The one regret is that I didn't buy a nice nursery chair for Adam's room. My mom bought a great one for her house (since we lived there until Adam was 5 months old) but we left it there for her to lounge in... it's quite comfortable. :) You may also notice the prints over the dresser... pretty, aren't they? If you look closely you'll see Winnie-the-Pooh and his little pal, Chris Robin, in them. Steven and I bought these prints in Disn.ey World 4 years ago (before Adam, of course). We thought they would be perfect for a nursery some day... and they are. I'm not too fond of the "frames", though. We may need to invest in some nicer ones (the original ones broke).

The growth chart that was a 1st birthday gift from Cousins Jake, Evan and Zach. Adam loves to measure himself. :)

The Bear Row... Adam received tons of stuffed bears (and a few other "animals") when he was born so we've lined them up here. We also included the bears that Steven made for me at "Buil.d a" when we were dating/first married and the bear I made for Adam's first Hanukkah.

Adam's bookshelf (and beloved diaper ge.nie 2... outside his room! His room is a very odd shape so we couldn't find a bookshelf that would fit properly. We decided to just use our old bookcase in this little hall nook which has worked out okay. On the top is the piggy bank... the first present that I received from the K family when I was pregnant. Also is an adorable Tzedakah Box "shoe" that my SIL's in-laws (the lovely A & R) bought for Adam when he was born. You'll also notice the "Bah Bah Sheep" sound box my mom bought Adam about a year ago. He was terrified of the noise at first but loves it now. Oh... and you may notice the books like kinda messy... that's b/c LL had just pulled them ALL OFF (and threw most of them down the stairs) a few hourse before the photos was taken. He helped me put the books back on the shelf... it looks much nicer now. :)

So there you have it, folks, Adam's new & improved Big Boy Room... and still my favorite room in the house :)

BLOG UPDATE... I *finally* figured out how to add a photo to the header (which, of course, was ridiculously easy to do) and then spent about 30 minutes deciding on a header photo (the pressure)!!! I also played around with the colors and side photos a bit, too. Who need sleep when there's a blog to update?!? :)

AND ON A FINAL NOTE... I have started a new blog which is, well, All About ME. If you are interested in reading it (It's called "W" is for...) please leave your e-mail address in the comment section (which I'll then delete so the "whole world" doesn't see your email address!). It's a very personal blog so it will be private. However, my blog readers & friends are, of course, invited to read it... just let me know if you're interested and I'll add your e-mail to the readers so you can have access. Thanks!


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