Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Adam meets his new cousin... Baby Blake!

Adam meets Blake!

Yesterday was a special day... it was not only Steven's birthday, it was also Cousin Blake's Bris. Mom, Adam & I made the trip to Maryland to celebrate with the family. Adam was especially excited to see Cousin Claire and meet her new brother (except he kept saying "his brother" -- still working on the pronouns)! Here are a few photos and stories...

Baby Blake's Briss... look how proud (and serious!) Uncle Morty looks!

Blake Matthew... he is a GORGEOUS baby!!!

Mom holding Blake... we each LOVED holding him. He's SO precious.

The proud parents and their little boy

Cousins Claire & Adam... they were very excited to see each other... it was very sweet. They followed each other around. :)
Adam feeding Claire some Go.ldfish. He takes sharing very seriously.

Grandma & Adam sharing a bagel & lox

SuperMama Jenn with her 2 beautiful kids

No trip to Cousin Claire's would be complete without playing in the backyard.... and watering the plants. :)

The Briss was very touching... of course I got teary. Until Adam started yelling "Grandma! Grandma! Sit on the couch, Grandma!" across the VERY QUIET room -- the Rabbi was speaking at the moment! When Mom finally heard him and came back (as I was leaving the room with him), Adam announced -- kid you not -- "I'm Pooing! I'm Pooing!" Then Mom takes Adam to the "potty" and they weren't *that* quiet. Needless to say, I was mortified... Poor Mom was, too, when she found out that I could hear her. Fortunately, Jenn said that she couldn't, Thank Goodness!

All in all, a wonderful day... so nice to see Aunt Linda, Uncle Morty, Aunt Elaine, Uncle Mike, Aunt Maureen, Cousin Jill & Will, and my Mom's Cousin Andy & his family. Of course, Baby Blake was a superstar and I'm so glad we could be there to share in his very special day. xoxo

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