Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The past 5 days....

Wow, the past 5 days have been incredibly busy! Keep reading for a (very) detailed description... pictures at the end... :o)!

Let's see... At 7 am on Saturday (Adam's 18 month birthday!), my big brother, Steve, arrived from L.A.! Yay! Adam and I went over to see him at my Mom's at 7 am and hung out until both Steve & Adam were ready for a nap. I am very close to both my brothers and we try to get together 3-4x a year, which isn't bad, considering they're in CA and we're in VA. My little brother, Joe (Uncle Joey), wasn't able to come since he just started a new job. Anyway.... we hung out on Saturday morning and on Saturday night we all went to dinner at the Japanese Steak House. Food was great... Adam, not so much. It just took SO LONG and he was getting very restless. Every few minutes, we would take turns taking him outside and he would run up and down the sidewalk, which was very cute to watch. Went to bed late Saturday night and got up early Sunday morning to...

Go to Lancaster, PA, my mom's hometown. My mom, Steve, Adam, (husband) Steven and I made the trip to visit the cemetary where my dad is buried. My dad passed away 2 years ago this month so I was really anxious to "visit" him and, in a way, "introduce" him to Adam (It was Adam's first time in Lancaster). The cemetary is filled with my mom's family and my dad is buried right near my grandparents (my mom's parents). Adam picked up a rock and leaf right away and put the leaf (without us telling him to) on my dad's headstone which was a really special moment.

My 2 Uncles and Aunt joined us at the Cemetary as well as my cousins Jamie & Ben and their spouses and kids. Adam got to meet his 3rd cousins, Samantha & Alex, as well as his Baby Cousin Mila, who's 6 months old. We all went to lunch afterwards to catch up. It was a long car trip but Adam did well, for the most part. We listened to A LOT of "baby rock" and he slept for the majority of the ride home.

Went to work on Monday and then went with Steve to pick up his wife, Elizabeth, at the airport on Monday night. Usually they travel together (obviously) but Elizabeth had a big event at her PR company this past weekend so she wasn't able to come in until Monday night. It was wonderful to see her... she's so awesome. I got really lucky in the SIL department with Elizabeth and Samantha (Steven's sister). We had our Erev Rosh Hashananah meal on Monday night and it was so nice being together. Yesterday, Rosh Hashanah day, we hung out all day with Steve and Elizabeth and were very sad to say good-bye to them. Fortunately, we will spend a week with them (and Joey & his girlfriend, Hillary, who's also great) in December in Palm Springs.

Back to work and my night class today... only got to see Little Love in the AM. I rushed home to tuck him in but he had already fallen asleep before 8. I went in (Steven had only put him down 5 minutes before) and he looked at me and said "sleep" and went right back to sleep. I'm looking forward to a "Mama & Adam" day tomorrow!

So, that's how the past 5 days have been! October will continue to be busy... I will post as often as I can. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the new season! :)
Adam loves his Uncle Steven! He kept calling "Uncle Steven" whenever he wasn't around. Sooo cute!
Adam & Aunt Elizabeth, who Adam adores. He also loves the new fishy book she bought him (Thanks, Aunt E!).

P.S. Yes, I know Adam just turned 18 months old & Yes, that is a bottle that he's holding. That's an entry for another day...

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