Sunday, October 26, 2008

Visit with Bobbe & Zayde

We had a wonderful visit with Bobbe & Zayde this weekend! It took Adam about 5 minutes to warm up to B & Z and after that he couldn't get enough of "Bobba" and "Zayd". :o)

Yesterday we went to the local mall since it was raining out. Adam played in the Looney Toons play area and had "mac & cheese" at The Corner Bakery. The highlight of the trip, however, were the ELEVATORS!!! Adam *adores* elevators (unlike his Mama who gets nervous being alone in one!) and was thrilled that we took 3 elevator rides. Last night, we enjoyed a pasta dinner in (Adam likes ziti!) and watched Alabama win the football game! Adam was especially pleased and even screamed "Alabama" after they made a touchdown!

Today was an absolutely beautiful fall day. We took advantage of it and went to a wonderful park with tons of slides, mazes, fun mirrors and a carousel. Adam had a BALL! He couldn't get enough of the slides (see picture above of his huge "slide grin") and just loved running around the place with Bobbe & Zayde. Afterwards, we had a nice lunch at Nordstrom's. Adam eats like such a big boy now and feeds himself so well with an adult spoon. It's just amazing. We can actually go out to eat with him now (usually....). Since it was past Adam's nap time when we got in the car, he fell asleep in 3 minutes flat. When he woke up, he asked for "Bobba" and "Zayd" but they had already left to go back to 'Bama. We can't wait for our next visit!!! :o)

Carousel ride with Zayde

"Is that my head?!?" Adam was *fascinated* with these mirrors. He sat/stood/even laid down for about 10 minutes, just pointing and smiling at himself. Precious!

Belly laughing with Zayde over "the falling water" on the walk back to the car.

Shopping with Bobbe at Nordstrom's.

Look how happy I am when Bobbe and Zayde come to visit! Come back soon! :o)

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Two Lines On a Stick said...

I remember a mall when I was a kid, one of the dept stores had those fun mirrors that are curved and stuff. I would beg my mom to let me go play in front of those after we shopped. I don't know why kids love just any kind of mirror so much.

Cute pics!