Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ADAM and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!!! :o(

Little Love had quite the day today, as did Mama. The day started off okay as LL turned 19 months today. Wow... my LL is really growing up. To celebrate 19 months, I bought Adam his first box of crayons and a white sketch pad. The crayons were designed for 2 year olds... that should have been my first warning. Actually, he did really well with the crayons at first. He was delighted to see them and started scribbling quite nicely on the paper. He held all the crayons in his hands and was very into his creation. Seeing him work so nicely, I meandered into the kitchen to get breakfast ready. Next thing I know, LL is coughing up purple. As in purple crayon. That he bit off. Fortunately, they are completely toxic-free and Poison Control (yes, I called them!) assured me he would be okay, which he seemed to be.
Artist at work

In his favorite squatting position

We left the house at 8 to head to Molly's house. The plan was for Adam to have a playdate with Riley since I had a Dr's appt. Long story short... Adam cried the entire time (2 hours) that I was gone. I was so unhappy to hear this. Apparently, he's been crying like this at school most mornings, too. When he is with me, he virtually never cries, unless there's a real reason. It's so upsetting to hear how unhappy he was. :(

When I got to Molly's around 10, the rest of our neighborhood play group was there and it was really great seeing everyone and catching up. Until the end of the playdate. When Adam BIT Riley. Yes, you read that correctly. Adam bit Riley. OMG. I saw the whole thing happen... Adam and Riley accidently bumped heads (seemed pretty hard). Adam started crying and put his hands on Riley's shoulders. I thought he was hugging her. No, he was biting her. He even drew a little blood. Needless to say, I was (still am) totally mortified. Adam went through a biting stage when he was teething and he playfully bites Steven now and then but he has never seriously bit anyone. So upsetting. I called the Nurse at the Pediatrition's office and she explained that toddlers have a "bite or flight" response when they feel that they are in danger and that he bit her to defend himself (after the accidental headbutting incident). Talking to her made me feel a little better but I'm still unhappy about it, of course. We went to another playdate after Adam's nap and he tried to bite Nathan over a toy!!! We stopped him, though. What is going on with my lovable little guy?!? Renee (Nathan's mom) assured me that biting is totally normal from 18-24 months and her Peed even warned her that it may happen. Normal or not at this age, I do NOT want Adam to be exhibiting this behavior (obviously). I am now nervous that he will bite someone at Montessori (like I mentioned before, he has never bit another kid before today). I don't know if the biting is occuring out of pure frustration or if he's also unhappy about being in school. Who knows. Regardless of the reason, my stress level is WAY UP as a result. :o( LL also threw up after dinner today and caught his finger in the drawer. You know, just so the day was complete. AAGH. Any mom readers out there who can relate to these days?!?

Thanks, readers, for letting me vent. Just had to get it out. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.
Seeking solace in Doggy
Finally managed to get one smile from Adam today. Happy 19 months, Little Love.


Two Lines On a Stick said...

(((HUGS))))))) I hope tomorrow is a better day for you both.

McTriplet Mommy said...

Oh my! They don't get much worse than that!

Hang in there - things can only go up. :) P.S. - two of mine were BITERS - oh how I hated it. Nasty barbaric behavior that I would NOT tolerate... but it eventually stopped. :)

Take care,

Amanda said...

Oh, poor both of you! I hope today was better.

E, SS and the Little Man said...

Oh yeah. I can relate. Teo used to steal pacifiers out of other babies' mouths at daycare. I was so embarrassed by it. He can be a bully sometimes. His friend Gus at daycare bit Teo because Teo was trying to pull him out of a chair that he wanted. Gus was just doing what Adam did - bite or flight.