Wednesday, October 22, 2008

LL Update

So... I took Adam to the Dr. yesterday and I'm so glad I did. Turns out he has lots of fluid in his ears... yuck! No infection but definitely painful for LL. The Dr. put him on Allegra and nasal spray. Adam LOVES his medicine. NO JOKE -- he actually CRIES after being given the Allegra syrup and says, quite perfectly, "more medicine". Let's just hope it helps to drain the fluid. This is probably why he has been doing this weird & random "head turning" out of the blue. Hopefully, he'll be a happier camper at Montessori school now.

Adam is continuing to string two words together and it's hilarious. Recent sentences include:

-- No Mommy (hilarious)
-- MY Doggy
-- That book (saying that for a week or so)
-- eat chicken
-- make baba
-- go to sleep
-- Nice Mama (as he's stroking my face. The sweetest thing EVER).
-- Big Doggy
-- shake it (when I was holding his medicine bottle)

It's SO fun hearing him talk!!!

My mom is leaving for Spain tomorrow for 10 days. We are excited for her but will miss her very much. We hope that Grandma has a wonderful trip and Adam is hoping for lots of fun Spanish toys when she gets back!!! :)



And Baby Makes Three said...

Hope he feels better soon!!

Amanda said...

Poor baby!!! I hope the meds work!