Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Trip to Highland Park, PART 1 -- Adam *LOVES* his cousins!

We had a blast in Highland Park (a suburb of Chicago) this past weekend! Too much fun to write about in one entry!

The first post is dedicated to Adam's love for his cousins Jake, Evan and Zach. We're talking ADORATION. Every time one of the boys would walk in the room, Adam would smile. When one would leave the room, Adam would cry after them. All weekend long we would hear "JAKEY.... EVAN..... ZACH!". The boys are absolutely *amazing* with Adam. They love to play with him, pick him up (their favorite), feed him, hold him and make him laugh. They are very protective and proud of him, telling everyone about their their baby cousin, Adam. :)

The sweet thing is, they have always been this way with him. When the cousins first met Adam last August, Steven thought they would say hello to him and then go off and play, basically paying no attention to him. After all, Adam wasn't even 5 months yet, Jake was about to turn 7 and the twins had just turned 5. How much fun could a baby be?!? Well, Steven was wrong.... it was love at first sight all around for the cousins (see photos below)! We have been very blessed to have spent a week together at Thanksgiving and at the beach in June, besides a few mini trips. We can't wait to get together again in April!

Adam and Jake during their first meeting, 14 months ago (August 2007). It was during this visit that Aunt Samantha noticed that Adam had 2 teeth -- at not even 5 months. No wonder why he was already biting *everything*, as seen above!

Adam & Jake -- Oct. 2008

Evan & Zach with baby Adam -- August 2007

Hanging with E & Z, Oct. 2008

Sharing a laugh with Cousin Evan

Snuggling up with Cousin Zach

Bobbe & Zayde's 4 guys (Great photo... too bad Adam wasn't looking up, though. GRR!)

P.S. Adam learned the word "NO" this weekend. For example:
Mama: "Adam, it's time to leave the park"
Adam: "NO!"

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And Baby Makes Three said...

Watch out Mommy...he's one of the big boys now!!! I love the one of him snuggling on the couch!