Sunday, September 28, 2008

Adam is 1 1/2 years old!!!!


Where has my little baby gone?!? He's now a (somewhat) big toddler!!!

So bittersweet. And yet I'm so incredibly thankful that we've gotten to this point.

Adam is such a delight. Every day with him is sincerely special. Especially since Mama is *everything* to him right now! Remind me of this when he's a teenager!!! Seriously, every time I walk in the room, his face lights up and he runs to me with the biggest smile, yelling "Mama". What could be better than that?!?

Little Love's vocabulary is 100+ words. He can say just about anything these days. He says a few mini sentences such as "Bye Bye Mama (Doggy, Dada, Bear... anything)", "It was good", "He's sleeping" and "That book". He can clearly communicate his needs to us and will now say "water" if he's thirsty or "walk" if he wants to go for a walk. He has even started to say "sleep" when I'm singing to him at night if he wants to go right to bed (is it my voice?!?). What a change from a year ago... Adam loves to go to sleep now. As long as his doggies are in the crib, of course. :o)

Let's see, what else... of course, Adam runs everywhere and is *very* curious. He will eat just about anything but not too much of it. He usually eats a decent breakfast, good lunch and not too much dinner. However, he will *always* eat fruit... definitely his favorite food. Melon and strawberries are his favorite but any kind will do.

Our days are very busy... he has school on M, W, Fr... playgroup on Tuesday AMs and some Tuesday PMs, play time with Grandma on Wed. afternoons, library/music class on Thursday and soccer class on Friday. He loves to read, play with his stacking cups, blocks and his popper inside. Outside, he loves to kick his ball, push around his bus and... throw things off the deck. Never a dull moment with our little love.

Here are some pictures of Adam at 0 months (birth day), 6 months, 12 months (1st birthday) and today (18 months). Needless to say, Adam Thomas has brought such incredible happiness, joy, beauty and love into our lives. My love for him truly takes my breath away... as my mom says, he is *INCREDIBLE*. Thank you, G-d!!!!!
Just a few minutes old

Six months

First birthday (12 months)!



Two Lines On a Stick said...

Happy 18 month bday!

And Baby Makes Three said...

Happy year and a half birthday Big Boy!!!

Amanda said...

Happy 18 months, Adam! You are such a big boy!!!

Getz Gang said...

Happy half birthday adam! Now begins the real fun!

Beth and Melinda said...

Don't make me cry--he's such a big boy and Melinda is already 15 weeks
When we gonna see ya?