Monday, October 6, 2008

Little Love Update

Now that Adam is 18 months old, he is really becoming more "toddler" and less baby. Here are some examples:

-- Adam now says "thank you" when given something (sooo cute)

-- If you show Adam an item and ask whose item is it, it is *always* dada's. For example:
Mama -- "Adam, who's bag is this?"
Adam -- "It's Dada's bag" (Yes, he nows says the full sentence!)

-- Adam can follow directions really well now and seems to understand (and repeat) *everything*. We really need to be careful as to what we say around him. I learned that the hard way after someone cut me off on 66 and I missed my exit (let's just say that a certain "S" word was spoken... and a certain little guy repeated it. Twice. With enthusiasm).

-- When Adam is hungry, he'll now say a food item. For example, when he was hungry for dinner he said "waffles". Usually, though, he'll say "chicken" or the ever beloved "baba" (bottle -- yes, he's still on it -- only 2-3 a day, though). When he wants to go for a walk, he'll say "walk" and when he wants to be put in his crib after we read/sing/talk at the end of the day, he'll say "sleep". It's so nice to be able to communicate with him (kinda, sorta) now.

-- Adam can feed himself with a fork & spoon pretty well now (even though a glob or two always falls on his shirt... and he refuses to wear a bib, takes it off in 3 seconds). If I give him applesauce, he'll say (without me telling him) "applesauce" and then "spoon".

In other LL news, Adam is dealing with some pretty hardcore separation anxiety right now. It's really the first time that he's had it (only very mildly before). On the mornings that I go to work and he goes to school, he CLINGS to me to the point that I can't get dressed without him melting down. Also, when we go to playgroups now, he'll sit on my lap with his head buried in my shoulders for a minute or two. This all started when I went back to work, of course. He was teething last week (look at all his teeth in the photo... I think they're almost all in now!) so he was pretty miserable at Montessori. I was really concerned about this... fortunately, Miss Annie said he was back to his playful self today (thank goodness).

Of course, Adam is still up to his mischievous & curious ways. I went into his closet for 3 seconds and I walked out to see that he climbed up onto his chair and was reaching for things on his dresser (check out the very serious look on his face in photo 2 followed by pure glee in photo 3). Yes, everyday is an adventure with our Little Love. xoxo.
Yes! Mama isn't looking... time to climb up on my chair!

OHHHH.... look at that! I need to reach it... Concentration time...

GOT IT! YES! Oh no, there's Mama...

Mama, quit making me laugh so hard... I'm going to get hiccups! :o)


And Baby Makes Three said...

Look how proud he is of himself after mastering the chair climb!!! He is a doll!

Getz Gang said...

I just can't take it! He is the HAPPIEST ..all boy...kid I've ever seen.