Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Fun & Not-so-Fun School

We enjoyed beautiful & crisp fall weather here this weekend. Of course I had to take full advantage of it and dress Adam in curdoroys and an adorable barn jacket (Thanks, Aunt Samantha!). We also headed to a new park that we found online. They have a great "dinosaur" park for tots with lots & lots of slides (Adam's favorite -- see photos below). Of course, Adam says "again" everytime he gets off the slide. He loves slides, hates swings. Hates anything that he's confined in. Seriously. Anyway... we had a nice time at the park and a yummy dinner afterwards. Steven was thrilled to see his beloved Bama win the football game at the restaurant. :) All in all, a nice weekend... even though I worked for half of it (helped administer the PSATs at my "old school" on Saturday and attended my "new school" dedication on Sunday). Needless to say, Adam was NOT happy that Mama left him to attend these events. Which brings me to the next topic...

Separation anxiety. Adam is experiencing it. Hard-core. Ironically enough, he never experienced it during his first year, when most kids do. I think it has to do with me being back at work (ya think?) especially since it's every-other-day. It might be easier for him if it's every day since he knows to expect it. Of course, I wouldn't trade my Tu. & Th. with him for the world, but that's another story. Anyway, he is ultra CLINGY to me now. The only time he doesn't cling to me is when we're just chilling at home. He's a smart little bugger, though... the second I come down in dress clothes (for work), all he wants is for "Mama Mama Mama" to hold him. It's very sad. My heart breaks seeing this very happy little guy so miserable. :o(

Miss Annie and his other teachers (and even the directors) have noticed a change at school, too. He was so happy there for a while, then was sad for a week, then "back to normal" and now he's upset again. He was in really bad shape, apparently, on Friday. They said he was really fussy this morning but doing better in the afternoon. Steven even called to check on him... you know he's having a hard time if Steven calls (I was too afraid to... if I heard he was having a rough day, it would've been very hard for me to stay at work. No news is good news, right?!?). Anyway, they think he may have an ear infection since he's been pulling at his ear and acting fussy. Adam is NEVER fussy unless he's overtired. So to hear this is quite upsetting. When he's with me, he's so happy but I have noticed he's been a lot more tired at night and going to sleep earlier/sleeping more. Anyway, I'll be taking him in to the Dr. tomorrow morning. I am *not* a fan of taking him in. However, I'd feel really bad if he's had an ear infection this whole time that I didn't know about. He's never had an ear infection which is pretty rare for his age, so who knows?!? Let's just hope he's back to his happy little self at school on Wednesday.

For now, I'll leave you with a happier Adam at the park on Saturday... look at his grin on the slide pics! Classic!
More pics from Chicago later this week! :)

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He looks too cute in his little fall is he feeling?