Friday, October 17, 2008

Conversations with Little Love, 2nd edition

Adam is cracking us up with his new words and phrases. Here are some actual conversations, word-by-word, that Steven and I have had with Adam this week:

Mama: I don't know where the pen is, Adam. (He *loves* pens. If he sees a piece of paper, he asks for a pen. Always). Maybe it's in the barn.

Adam: (checks his Little People barn for about 2 seconds and pops his head up). NOPE!. Yes, my 18 month old said "Nope" perfectly in conversation. It cracked me up.

Dada: Adam, can you give me five?
Adam: (hand up, huge smile on his face). FIVE!!!
Steven and I don't know who taught him that but it's adorable.

Mama: I know you're hungry, Adam, your bottle will be ready soon.
Adam: Make Baba!!!

Mama: Adam, why don't you pick out a book to read?
Adam: No no no book!!!

Adam: Piece (pointing to a wooden "piece" on the floor).
Steven: (picks up piece). Hear you go, Adam.
Adam: No, THAT piece (points to another piece).
Steven: Picks up another piece and hands it to Adam.
Adam: (beaming with joy as he was able to communicate which piece he wanted). Thank You.

Living Room. 6 PM. Out of the blue, I hear...
Adam: Bagel.
Mama: What?
Adam: Bagel. Bagel. Bagel. He then proceeds to run in the kitchen looking for a, you guessed it, bagel.

My car... I'm playing (for the millionth time), "Toddlers 101 Favorite Songs" CD. We're listening to "Wheels on the Bus".
Mama: Adam, do you want to hear the ABC song?
Mama finds song 12 on the CD, the ABC song, and plays it. When the song is over, she hears....
Adam: Again.
Mama plays the song again. And again. And again... kid you not. :o)

These are just a few of our recent conversations. I just love this age... we never know what will pop out of LL's mouth!

New photos and more Chicago stories later this weekend! Have a good one!

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E, SS and the Little Man said...

Yep, sounds like us over here. It cracks me up when Teo goes "Oh, gosh!" if we ask him to do something he deems annoying.