Monday, April 26, 2010

A beautiful day... filled with very smelly animals =)

We headed to Pan Park last week, before I got sick. We have been taking Adam to this park for 2 years now... here is a blog post written when we first took him... he had just turned one (awww)! Adam loved seeing all the animals (especially the pigs and HUGE horse -- the biggest horse I've ever seen -- see below!)and the wagon ride. However, he especially enjoyed RUNNING FULL SPEED (he is FAST!) through the park... until he fell, that is.

Here are some pics from the park... look at my BIG BOY!!!

Seriously... this horse's head was bigger than Adam's whole body! I think it's the same horse that we saw two years ago! This is so terrible but it reminded me of a particular scene in the Godfather -- right, Steven?!?

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beth and melinda said...

you need to tell me!!
we live RIGHT around the corner!