Monday, September 1, 2008

First Haircut -- *UPDATED WITH PHOTOS*

Pre-haircut shots:

Post-Haircut Shots:

So... we did it. What do you think? We took Adam to "Cartoon Cuts" for his first (and loooong overdue) haircut. It went well. He was fascinated at first and then started to cry a little. The hairstylist then gave him a spiderman toy and all was good. He also loved playing with the tin can of barrettes... which, truth be told, would have looked cute in his hair... if he was a girl and all.

Anyway, Little Love looks VERY CUTE with his VERY SHORT hair! No more curls, though! :o( I'm sure they'll grow back, though, and he'll have lots of curls like his Mama. The "after" pictures above don't really do him justice since he was standing *this close* to the camera, trying to grab it. However, is it just me or does he look a month older with his new short 'do?

In other news, Cousin Claire came to visit yesterday. The kids had so much fun playing and going to the pool. They play so nicely together and we always enjoy our visits so much! :O)
p.s. Can you believe it's SEPTEMBER?!?

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