Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Adam's 1st Day of School (sigh)

First day of school picture. Can you tell he's not used to getting up at 6:30? Poor Little Love!
Adam started Montessori today. It was REALLY HARD for me... and I think for LL, too. I was in somewhat denial over how difficult it would actually be to "drop him off" for the day. I almost think it would have been easier if he was a year younger since he seemed so confused & AWARE of what was going on. Just as I had predicted, he went straight to the toys when we got there. We then had a little discussion about how Mama has to go to "work" (he knows to say "work"!) and that I'll be back soon (I had read that it's better to let your toddler know that you are leaving then to actually sneak off). He seemed to be okay with that... until I actually started to leave. He ran over yelling "Mama Mama Mama" and started to cry, clinging to me. It was heartbreaking. Fortunately, Steven was with me and held Adam while I left. I then got to work (10 minutes late...stressful) and tried to concentrate but it was hard. I always am thinking about LL but usually I get really wrapped up in my work. Not today. He was on the forefront of my mind the entire day. 3 pm could not come soon enough. I could not wait to see him. When I got to the Montessori, the director took me back to his classroom and I waved at LL, who was walking around with doggie in his hand. He immediately BURST INTO TEARS and ran to me, crying, "Mama". It was SO SAD. Then his teacher told me that he was happy for the most part but cried for me at times (okay.... hearing that was like a knife through my heart. Not to be dramatic but it really was). The teacher also told me that he was pretty quiet which is not at all like LL.

Overall, however, it seemed that he was fine. He barely ate (I wasn't too surprised to hear that) and he did sleep for over an hour on the Big Boy Cot (which I was surprised to hear). They said that he was very good and seemd to genuinely enjoy having him. Adam even waved goodbye to his teacher, saying, "Bye Bye Miss Annie" about a gazillion times. He also blew her a kiss... something he apparently learned today?!? I like his teacher & the assistant and the place is well run with 3 directors. The school itself is also brand new and really nice. The classroom is huge with tons of mats/apparatus to climb on, brand new toys, etc. And the ratio, at this time, is 1:3. We went to the Open House this past weekend and were really pleased. That being said, we're (mainly me, Steven's not that concerned) hoping that the Montessori works out. To be honest, I don't think I can handle many more days like this, seeing Adam so upset and unlike himself (he RARELY cries unless he's hurt himself). I'm going to give it some time, of course. Steven is also going to drop him off from now on since the school is in our neighborhood and Steven leaves an hour later than me. I'm sure that will help, too... I hope so...

On a lighter note.... Adam can now count to 10 with a little prompting! Maybe something else he learned at school?!? ALSO, I updated the last post with before/after haircut photos. Check it out!


Amanda said...

Awwww....poor baby...and poor you! I know that yesterday had to be so hard on you both. But it really sounds like a great school for him, I hope it works out and gets easier for you both. I hope today is better. (((Hugs)))

Getz Gang said...

Loove the new big boy hair cut. Now time for new professional pictures. Take him to Portrait Innovations for cute and cheap ones. He will love school and WOW..their ratio is AMAZING!! Adam is SOOO smart. Trust me, Graham and Charlie (poor kids) still can't recite anything...ok, I exaggerate, they can count from 1-10 and A-D. No songs though. It's called "ADAM IS AN ONLY CHILD WITH SO MUCH ATTENTION". It's great to have one and spend lots of time with them one on one. Enjoy your weekend. We're ducking for cover from Hurricane Hanna.

namaste said...

To be perfectly honest, it sounds like Adam did great on his first day of school (crying included). Yay Adam!!!

And I agree, Adam is quite impressively brilliant with all the talking, the singing, etc. And very dapper with his new haircut.

So glad that things are going well. Is your new job great as well?