Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fans of Adam...

For all of you Adam fans, you can now add your name on the sidebar (enter your name -- or be anonymous - under "Adam's Fans") to be an "offical fan" (reader) of Adam's blog! :)

In other news, Adam seems to be really enjoying Montessori. We are SOOOO relieved about this. He still cries every morning when Steven drops him off but when Steven peeks in a minute later, he seems happy. I always peek in before I pick him up and it's obvious that he is indeed happy (Thank G-d)!!! His teachers (Miss Annie and Miss Nas) also comment on his little sheet everyday that he's "happy, curious, busy, talkative and friendly". Sounds like LL. They also say that Adam is in a little clique with 3 other kids... Jackson, Olivia and another little girl (can't remember her name). Jackson (or "Jackie", as Adam calls him) is his favorite new friend.

I'm enjoying the new job and slowly getting used to the new lifestyle of being a (part-time) working mama. I have also started taking a graduate class on students with disabilities. Even though I already have a Master's degree, I need to take an additional course to get relicensed to work in the schools. So far the class has been interesting. On Tuesdays and Thursdays (days off) Adam and I are busy with playgroups, playdates & a library music class. We also started Lil Kickers SOCCER class with Riley! So fun! I'll try to remember to bring my camera to the class on Friday afternoon so I can post pics here.


namaste said...

I entered as an official "follower" (stalker). :)

Interesting about the carseat - we haven't turned ours around yet and it's nice to see we weren't the only ones who waited.

Glad to hear that he's doing so well at Montessouri. It's the best feeling to see our little ones having so much fun and to know that they're in good hands.

Getz Gang said...

What a big boy.

Is next weekend free for a visit?