Monday, September 8, 2008

Adam's New Toothbrush

The kid LOVES to brush his teeth. He has a FIT when we take away the toothbrush. What can I say... my kid is all for good hygiene. :)

3rd day of Montessori also went well. Adam got upset when Steven dropped him off but apparently was happy a few minutes later and throughout the day. His daycare reports him as being: happy, friendly, curious, chatty. Hmm.... I wonder who he inherited the chattiness from?!?


Beth said...

Glad school is getting better--
MAybe he should take the toothbrush to school!

farahana said...

oo..such a cute little boy!

i think i've a lot to learn before having a baby..i'll be getting married soon..;)

if u would like to know about my life in malaysia, u can check out my blog..;)