Thursday, August 28, 2008

17 Months!

Yes, that is a drum that Adam is sitting in.... he climbs into anything & everything!

Little Love turned 17 months old today.

As each month passes by, I feel a wave of bittersweetness (is that a word?) pass through me. We are so blessed and appreciative that Adam is... kana hurra (a Yiddish expression favored by my mom)... growing and developing so nicely (knock on wood). He is soooo much fun to be with. However, I really wish I listened to everyone when they told me to not worry so much (HA!) and enjoy him b/c he won't be a baby forever. Isn't that the truth. Of course, when he was first born (up to 3 months, at least), I seriously couldn't imagine him growing up/getting bigger. It seemed like such a miraculous process (which it is)... how & when do you literally GROW?!? I actually asked my mom that... all the time... he was just so little (see side photo of "Our Little Family" when he was 3 days old)!

I wish I started this blog when he was first born (of course, I didn't even know what a blog was then, but anyway)... and took more videos... and more photos. Actually, I have taken A LOT of photos (Thank G-d for digital cameras!) but you still wish there were more. Adam (any baby, actually) is the definition of "precious".

That being said.... Adam is definitely a TODDLER now. He is 17 months going on... 24 months... as in Age 2... as in "Terrible 2s"!!! Yes, the tantrums have begun (well, they did months ago, actually, but are really coming on now). Adam has very "boy-like tantrums" where he screeches, bites, throws, and hits... usually in that order. Lovely. Fortunately, I usually can stop the tantrums at the "screeching" stage but if he's over-tired &/or doesn't get what he wants... watch out!!!

Most of the time, Adam is his usual "Little Love" self... smiling, singing, running up to me with a huge grin yelling "Mama" every 10 minutes (I love it). He is continuing to learn new words every day. Recent favorite words have been "wet" (e.g. saying "wet" when pulling at his wet T-shirt) and "dark" when I turn off the lights. He also says "Bye Bye" to EVERYTHING as noted earlier (e.g. "Bye Bye Lights" when I turn off the lights). Other new & somewhat unusual words have been: boots (how random, huh?), buckle (love the buckles on his booster seat) and Mezuzah (our Rabbi would be so proud). He is always talking, babbling, singing. When he's quiet, you know he's up to something. Here is some photographic proof: look carefully at these photos, which were taken today:

Some background... this morning, we had a playgroup with Tomas and Asha and I had baked brownies. A piece of brownie fell on the floor. Adam noticed the piece (which was quite large) the same time I did. He quickly picked up the piece and shoved it in his mouth AND crawled under the table so I wouldn't catch him... while saying "brownie" and grinning from ear to ear. That's our Adam. :)

A few current favorites:


-- A Dog is a Kid's Best Friend (book with photos of... doggies. Shocker).
-- Pajama Time (by Sandra Boynton)
-- Nighty, Night (Sesame Street book. He loves Bert, Elmo & Big Bird and can say their names).
-- Happy Baby -- First Words (he points out over 20 items... always including Doggy).
-- Good Night, Washington D.C. A really cute book with great pictures that I bought him at the airport.

Foods:-- fruit... especially melon, me me me (strawberries) and ba-na-na
-- maconi (macaroni & cheese)
-- chicken
-- PEAS (a new favorite. He likes to eat them one-by-one. Seriously).
-- Eggo French Toast Waffles
-- Any meal that Grandma makes for him. :)


-- Any & all songs from "Free to Be You & Me"
-- Yankee Doodle Dandy
-- Where is Thumpkin (except it's "Where is Adam?")
-- Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (he can sing THE WHOLE SONG now)
& too many more to list. Adam *loves* music. Fortunately, his music song at the library is starting up again next Thursday. Yay!

Happy 17 months, Little Love!!!


McTriplet Mommy said...

Oh, Beth.... really sorry to say but the twos are a breeze compared to the threes! At almost four, the boys are calming down though... well, not "calming down" per se but acting better.

Take care,

beth said...

Hi Cutie!!

Amanda said...

Time does go by so fast...I have wondered the same do babies grow so fast right before our eyes? And how do they learn so much so fast? Every day there is something new.

Adam is just darling and is such a big boy! He sounds like he is so smart and funny :)