Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Little Fireman

Cute, huh? Look at LL's expression in the first photo! That is Adam's "all knowing" smug look. I love it!

Adam & I had a visit to the local fire station today to get his car seat turned so he is front facing. The new recommendation is to wait until 18 months or 30 lbs. before changing kids to front racing, from rear facing... IF (a big IF) your kids can wait (12 months/20 lbs. is still fine, though). Adam clearly couldn't wait any longer... every time I put him down (before I strapped him in), he would turn around to face the front... and have a fit when he would have to turn back around. He'll be 18 months on 9/28 so we're at least close to the recommended time, right? Anyhoo... Adam loved being at the fire station (it was his first time... Steven always went in without him on the weekends before). He walked around from fire truck to fire truck, playing with the shiny metal and the big wheels. When a fireman gave him a HAT (one of his new favorite things!), he was THRILLED. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me at the Fire Station.... too bad, he really did look adorable marching around the place like he owned it. :) Here is a picture of Adam in his car seat, facing FORWARD (which made him quite happy, by the way!):

P.S. Anyone notice the (subtle) blog format changes? Prize is going to the reader who guesses all 4 changes! :o)


Beth and Melinda said...

Front facing--call me and we'll have to get the kids together

travis said...

precious child! He looks very mischievous! He really is growing up way to fast. What happened to my baby???? Coming soon!

And Baby Makes Three said...

Thanks for the advice on the feeding...we tried the half bottles this weekend and it seemed to work a little better. Adam's haircut looks darling!! He's such a cutie!

Amanda said...

Awww, I love it! The little fireman looks so proud of himself!

I know you hanged the colors on the background and your 2 colors of writing, but I'm not sure what else!

And Baby Makes Three said...

please e-mail me with any