Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 2 (smile)

Adam had a much better 2nd day of school, Thank G-d! I'm so relieved! When we dropped him off this morning, he was a little apprehensive but did not cry and went into the teacher's aide's arms (good sign). I was a little nervous since he threw up his entire bottle right before we left (lovely). However, he wasn't acting at all sick... I think it's just his reflux acting up.

I felt really sad (and kinda sick to my stomach) today, especially in the morning. Most of my friends are not working and are at home with their kiddos. I'm really fortunate to only be working 3x a week but I still feel guilty for leaving him. Very guilty. I'm also sad that I'm missing out on this time with him. I love our mornings together. Believe me, new moms, the cliche is so true... time does indeed fly by. All morning I was really feeling down and even a bit quesy about the whole going back to work/Adam going to Montessori (aka daycare!) thing.

Needless to say, I was SO RELIEVED when I picked him up today. I peeked in his room and he was crawling through a tunnel and looked very happy. When he saw me, his face lit up into a huge grin and he came running towards me. Of course, this was the highlight of my day. Miss Annie (who Adam seems to love... when you ask him who his teacher is, he'll say "Annie" & "kiss" since she's always chasing him for a kiss!) said that he had a really good day and was only fussy during nap time. He also ate well today but didn't drink his bottle (maybe this is a sign that he's ready to be out of bottles? Let's hope so!). He was also his little talkative & curious self today. He pointed out the "babies" to me in the room (seriously) and seemed very happy. YAY!!! SUCH A RELIEF!!! So, let's hope that he continues to do well at school. As for work, it's going well. SO much less stress (and paperwork!!!) than my old job... at least so far. I'll be starting my classroom lessons next week, which I'm looking forward to.

In other news, Adam is now officially using a booster seat (instead of a highchair) at home... see photos. See that big roll? His favorite bread, from Wegmans. He also had broccoli for the first time last night and loved it. As the photos show, we need to work on Adam's table manners (see leg on table). :o) You may also notice the Redskins pajamas that Adam was wearing last night. Unfortunately, it did not bring our beloved Skins any luck. Oh well, they were playing the Super Bowl Champions. I have confidence that they will be AWESOME this season. I can't wait to teach Adam the "Hail to the Redkins" song!

Happy weekend, everyone!

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Amanda said...

I'm so glad that Adam's second day of school was better than his first!