Saturday, March 8, 2008

"You do the JITTERBUG"

After years of resisting the "American Idol" hype, Steven and I started watching it last season when I was on bed rest. Of course we got addicted... even though I think the auditions are pretty annoying. Anyway, we were watching it the other night and one of the guys (I think he got booted, actually) was singing Wham's "Wake Me Up before you Go Go" (it was 80's night). Steven started singing the song to Adam and we realized that Adam LOVES the Jitterbug. As in "You do the Jitterbug". Everytime Steven would sing it, Adam would get hysterical. We're talking true giggle fits. So of course that's all I've heard in the house this week... "You do the Jitterbug". Here's a picture of Steven saying it to Adam... cute, huh? BTW, Steven finally shaved this morning!!!

On a side note, Adam got sick again last night. :( The nurse on call thinks it's a 72 hour stomach bug. He seems to be okay today... let's hope last night was the end of it.

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Getz Gang said...

hope he's feeling better