Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just Hanging Out

I had a little video of Adam hanging out to post but it doesn't seem to be working. Hmm. I'll keep working on that so you can see the little guy in action. Adam's favorite things to do these days are:

-- Cruising. He loves to cruise from one toy to another. He hasn't taken any steps on his own but has started to stand, unsupported, for a few moments at a time. He's *very careful* not to fall and balances himself perfectly. He'll reach his hand out to a "new" object while slowly releasing his hand on the "old" object. It's very cute to watch.

-- Playing in his corral. Some of his favorite toys are in his corral including his animal truck, stacking cups & blocks and musical cube, a gift from his cousins (see photo).

-- Getting into mischief. If he becomes too quiet when playing, you know something is up. :) His favorite things to get into are: open wastebaskets, laundry baskets, etc. He also loves to pull on and hide under the curtains in the living room. We had to take one of the halogen lamps out of the room yesterday since he was attempting to use it as a climbing post.

-- Books. Adam's new favorites are "I Love You Through and Through" and Sesame Street's "Bubble, Bubbles". These books have lots of great pictures and just a few words. The pages are also easy for Adam to turn which he loves to do.

-- Doggy. More than ever, Adam is attached to Doggy. You can always get a smile from him when you "put Doggy on display" (e.g. on your head, on the shelf for Adam to grab, etc.). He loves going to bed so he and Doggy can "talk". He shows his love to Doggy by kissing him (well, biting him) on his nose.

-- Puffs & teething biscuits. Adam gets so excited when he sees the familiar yellow tube of his Gerber puffs. He has tried peach and banana flavors... we think banana is his favorite. He also loves to eat "real" bananas as well as banana baby food. It makes sense that our little monkey would love bananas!!! :)

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