Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Mommy's wake up call"

As Adam's onesie describes, he is truly Mommy's wake-up call! Every morning I wake up to his adorable babbling on the monitor... usually talking to doggy and ducky. He sleeps beautifully through the night now (knock on wood) and usually wakes up happy (to a very groggy Mama). :) As you can see in this photo, he looks incredibly happy to be Mommy's wake-up call. This picture was actually taken right before his nighttime routine. LL gets an AMAZING burst of energy before bed each and every night. He is definitely a night owl,like his parents. You might also notice the laundry basket and all the clothes lying around the room. Another one of Adam's specialties... going through his clean laundry. He LOVES to take out each item from the laundry basket. FYI... I nicely folded everything when he went to sleep.

On a side note... Adam has always loved to take the rings off the ring toy (or whatever it's called). Now he can put the rings back on. Yay, Adam! He also ran around the corral tonight (while holding on with one hand) and said "dada" (when prompted) several times. He is definitely becoming a little boy (more on that in a future post. I can't believe he'll be ONE in ten days!!!).

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