Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our weekend

We had a fairly eventful weekend. Yesterday we took Adam shopping at the Leesburg Outlets, which was great. Since it is an "outside mall" we were waiting for a sunny day to go shopping and the weather was perfect. We bought Adam lots of spring clothing at HIS favorite shops... Baby Gap, Polo and Gymboree (great sales). We are leaving all the tags on since he'll probably be getting some new outfits for his birthday (Bobbe buys him the best clothes... all those cute jeans and tops are from her). Aunt Samantha also brings him a suitcase full (literally) of wonderful outfits during each visit. "Aunt" Christy also has tons of adorable clothes for him, too, from her almost 3 (OMG) year old twins. Cute clothes galore!!! He is so fun to dress... like a real-life baby doll. :)

Today Steven and I went to an excellent seminar on marriage and parenting with Rabbi Baars of BLISS Marriages. It was an excellent -- and funny -- seminar. I actually got teary b/c I know my dad would've loved the Rabbi. Especially some of the jokes he told, like this one: "Albert Einstein met a model. The model said we should have some kids together. They would be perfect with your brains and my looks. Einstein said 'Yeah, but what if they have MY looks and YOUR brains'". I can just hear my dad laughing at that joke... it is his style. He would be banging the table, laughing, and ranking that joke "2 points". Oh, do I miss him. So much sometimes that it literally hurts...

Anyway, we left Adam with one of my Mamistad friends, Michelle, and her baby Tomas (see picture above. It was taken last month at the play area at Fair Oaks Mall). Tomas is exactly 3 days older than Adam and they've been buddies since about 7 months of age. :) Adam was asleep when we dropped him off at Michelle's. After getting over the confusion of waking up in someone's else home, the boys had a good time playing. Apparently, Adam tossed all of Tomas's toys out of his toy chest... typical Adam. :) However, when Adam saw us when we picked him up, he burst into tears. It was so sad. After I held him for a few minutes, he was a happy camper again. It was the first time a non-relative had watched him so all in all, he did well. Muchos gracias to Michelle & fam for watching Adam today.

One more thing... the photo above shows another one of LL's favorite hobby... going through all of his drawers. We will be buying drawer safety latches this week. Good idea, huh?!? The other photo is of him riding his walker from the other day. He likes to walk with his walker and has recently learned to sit on it, too.

Like the outfits? They are from from Jake, Evan, Zach, Charlie and Graham!!! Are these the coolest hand-me-downs or what?!?

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