Saturday, March 22, 2008

Adam's first party

Adam attended his first birthday party for his friend, L, today. It was such a delightful little party... beautiful decorations, wonderful food, and the most adorable birthday boy, L. L's mom, K, has become a dear friend to me. We met when K was about 2 weeks with L... it was the night before I took a pregnancy test that showed I was pregnant with Adam. Along with our friend, A, we had fun celebrating our pregnancies. We met about once a month for dinner, maternity clothes shopping, etc. L was born exactly one week before Adam in the same hospital with the same Dr.! A's daughter, L, was born six weeks after Adam. We have such a great time getting together for play dates about once a month. We're also going to plan a "Mom's Night Out" soon to celebrate US! I'm so thankful to have met K and A. They are both very special to me.
p.s. Adam took about 4 steps today!!!

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namaste said...

Happy (early) first birthday Adam! And congratulations on the first steps - such a big boy!!

I just realized you're a Virginian. I knew I liked you for some reason. ;)