Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some firsts? Maybe?!?

Adam (might have) had some new "firsts" today:

1. Little Love (LL for short) may (or may not have) taken his first steps today. I THINK he took 2 steps from the corral gate to me this afternoon. Steven THINKS he saw him take 2 steps (once again) from the corral gate to his this evening. It happened so fast, though, that we're not sure. HMM... how do we describe first steps in the baby book now?!?

2. LL may (or may not have) pointed outwards to the camera for the first time today. He's been pointing/touching to things for a while now but this is the first time he actually used his pointer finger. Steven and I THINK that we saw him do it.

3. Now, a definite first... LL actually clapped (for real) this afternoon (finally)! He was done eating his carrots and was playing in his highchair. He first starting hitting (playfully) his highchair tray. Then, out of the blue, he clapped his hands together... two or three times. YAY!!! As many of you know, I've been waiting for him to clap for a loooong time. Of course the big clapping moment didn't come during "Patty Cake" or during an "appropriate" time for applause. But, hey, a clap's a clap, right?!? :)

4. LL said "dada" tonight... and we think he did so intentionally. Steven was playing with him and LL sighed and then said "da da da". It was very cute. However, over a month ago, LL looked up at Steven when he got home from work and said "da da". He is a HUGE babbler (is that the right word?) so who knows if he was babbling or really saying "da da". We like to think it's the latter. :)

All in all, it may have been an exciting day of Firsts. But it may not have been. In any case, Adam and Daddy certainly had fun laughing together this evening (see photo). Steven is such an amazing dad. He always knows what to do to bring a smile on LL's face (and mine). :)

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