Saturday, March 1, 2008

Who me? Worry? (UPDATED)

Those of you know who know me, know that I'm a HUGE worrier. Those of you who don't know me... well, you'll see that I am a "bona fide worrier" after reading this entry. If you're one of those people who get annoyed hearing worries, here is your warning to NOT keep reading. :)

So... last night we were at a Shabbat Club (neighborhood) dinner party with Adam. I was talking to this really nice guy who revealed that he was a pediatrician. My first reaction, which I shared with him (yes, I really did) was "Does he look okay to you? He's on the thin side, 5th - 10th percentile, in weight." Nice Doc jokingly looked him over and said he looked fine. He also mentioned that he sometimes orders lab work for thin babies but usually not b/c it's usually nothing. But, since this is ME he is talking to, I got mildly freaked out (at the thought of "something" being wrong). Adam's own Doc says he looks great and is thin b/c he's so active. I think I'll go with that opinion instead (so I can sleep at night).

To add insult to injury (not the exact expression I'm looking for, but close enough), I half-jokingly mention that Adam is waving but he's not clapping yet. His reply: "The books state that kids should wave, clap and point by 9 months but usually I don't see babies doing these things to closer to a year". POINT?!? Who said anything about pointing?!? I thought that babies don't point until 11 - 12 mo. which is why I haven't started freaking about it yet (he's not pointing). He explained to me again (quite patiently, to his credit) that MOST babies do not point until they're about a year. STILL. The fact that "the books" say that Adam should've been clapping and pointing for the last month or two (and he isn't) sent me into a minor (actually major) panic. He does reach for things (wall hangings, me, etc.) and my husband (NOT a Doctor) assured me that this is the same concept and that "he's fine". I also think of all of Adam's little play buddies and I can't recall any of them pointing before 12 months. In regards to clapping, he did clap (well, put his hands together two times in a row) once (with Christy, I didn't see it) and bangs his toys together. I guess that counts?!? I guess the nice Doc felt bad b/c he told me, as we were leaving, that "Adam is perfect". Why couldn't he just start the conversation with that sentiment?!?

Side note 1: I know I shouldn't be badgering the nice Doc when he's not at work. I'm sure it's the last thing he wanted to talk about at Shabbat dinner (when you're not even supposed to think about work!). Sorry Doc.

Side note 2: Yes, I realize that I'm ridiculous worrying about these things. Unfortunately, I do get quite anxious even though I REALLY wish I didn't. Fortunately, Steven is the yin to my yang, a complete anti-worrier. Thank G-d.

Side note 3: I completely understand that I'm VERY lucky to have such a beautiful and healthy (knock-on-wood) baby who does all types of wonderful things like babbling, waving, pulling up, crawling, cruising, etc. I do feel so blessed and fortunate for this, believe me. Just the worrier in me gets upset if he isn't doing "everything" by the time "the books" say he should. Which is why I don't read the books. I learned that a LONG time ago.

Moms out there.... when did your kid(s) start pointing? Should I be worried?

QUICK UPDATE: Adam pointed at/touched the little flowers on the couch pillow tonight. Steven says that definitely counts as pointing. It's a start, right?!? :)


Getz Gang said...

Emma was saying the Pythagorean theory at 10 months! You have the most perfect child! Stop the worrying and love and enjoy that baby!

Two Lines On a Stick said...

Bailey is not pointing. She will be 11 months next weekend. Also, Adam and Bailey are both fairly ahead of the average with other motor skills stuff like cruising and when they did all that stuff. So there is definitely NOTHING wrong with him. It's not like he's "late" on a lot of things, they had a lot of "early" things as well!