Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Winchester, Scenes from an Italian Restaurant & other randomness

We've had many adventures with Little Love this past week. Here is a recap of the past week, in photos & captions (since I'm very sleepy at the moment):

Trip to Winchester, VA (a little over an hour away) to visit the Children's Museum: Children's (err -"Discovery" Museum in Winchester)

There was a little "pretend" hospital area, complete with the inside of an ambulance. Look how smug LL looks here! I love this look of his. Let's just hope this will be the closest Adam is to an ambulance - EVER!

Adam loved filling up the bucket with apples and pulling the lever... he spent about 20 minutes doing so! You might notice that the very first photo here is also from this "experiment". I have no idea why Adam found the need to "taste" the bucket (I didn't even realize his tongue was there until I took the photo!). Reminds me of the kid (Ralphie?) in that infamous Christmas movie! =)

Rock climbing! There was a huge rock climbing wall -- this was the farthest LL got (not very far)!

Adam loved throwing "monies" in the fountain... all of Daddy's change went to the town of Winchester. Click on the picture if you want to see a close-up of Adam's face here... priceless expression!

Today Adam & I had a wonderful afternoon with Grandma. First we went toy shopping which is always fun. Adam was shockingly GOOD - I seriously had my mom feel his head to make sure he wasn't warm - he was THAT good. When we were leaving the store, Adam came upon the Mickey ride:
Adam LOVED riding this Mick.ey Mouse ride which Grandma happily provided the coins for (3 times)! Funny, I always remember being told as a kid that I couldn't go on these "rides" (Mom remembers differently). Hmm. Guess that's one of the differences between being a parent and a grandparent!!! =)

Afterwards, we ate at an authentic Italian Restaurant where Adam was (still!) amazingly good:
Adam eating his spaghetti & meatballs

Adam & Grammy giving each other BIG hugs

We've also had some quiet (or not-so-quiet) moments at home with LL:
Squeezing El.mo's nose -- Adam laughed hysterically each time he did it -- guess that's why this little red monster is such a hit!

This is Adam's new favorite puzzle. He can usually do it in about a minute now and *always* shouts "I Did It!" when he's done

Sharing his chocolate milk with Big Doggy

Reading Cur.ious George, his new favorite book. The actual stories are a little too advanced but the pictures are fantastic (I'm a little biased -- I adore Cur.ious George!!!)

All in all, a busy week... but we'll do anything to see this precious little face all lit up:

P.S. Many thanks to all my friends across the blogosphere who gave such great advice & feedback on Adam's recent, um, "hitting" episodes. I found all the comments to be very comforting and helpful. I'll update you all on the latest in the next post. =)


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Love all the pics!!! He is so cute!