Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mr. Know-it-All

Look at that intense little face! Ignore his poor little nose -- he's just getting over a cold. Anyway... Adam has been in Ms. Lucette's(sp.?) 2-year-old Montes.sori class for exactly a month now and he seems to have adjusted amazingly well (knock on wood). The class (room 1) is right down the hall from Miss Annie's class (room 7) so I think that has definitely helped with the adjustment. All of Adam's little friends (Jackie, Olivia, Ryan, Rushawn, Alivia) are also in the new class and the teacher assistants are the same. Regardless, I was concerned about the transition since he had been with Miss Annie for an entire year. I am so relieved to say that Adam seems to really like his new class (I am so hoping I didn't just jinx this!!!). He loves exploring all the Montes.sori manipulatives -- I knew he would -- and seems to like circle time, eating at the table (instead of in highchairs), etc. Lunch is provided every day and he usually eats 1/2 of the entrees (typical for him). We also supplement his lunch with chocolate milk, cheese and fruit. One of the biggest changes is that he's almost entirely potty-trained at school. They started him on the potty on day 1 and he wears Pulls-up during the day now. Steven & I haven't been as consistent, however, at home. We are out & about so often and I'm not comfortable yet with Adam using the "public potties". I'm hoping that once we are consistent at home, he'll be 100% potty-trained. Hopefully within the next month or so he will be. To be honest, I'm not one of those moms who feels a huge rush to get their kid potty-trained. In all the literature that I've read, it's stated that boys are usually "ready" between 2.5 - 3 years -- and he just turned 2.5. Then again, I don't want to miss the "window" and he is really doing a great job of using the potty at school. We definitely need to step it up at home.

On another, non-potty related note, Adam has become all-knowing. The kid seems to know *everything* -- such a little sponge -- it's incredible. When he woke up from his nap yesterday I heard him on the monitor -- counting to 10 in Spanish!!! I thought I was hearing things but, sure enough, when I went in and said "Uno, Dos" he continued to count to 10 in Espanol. He told me that Miss Lucette taught him that. Then in the car today, he started listing all the months of the year (he had it down from January - September -- skipped over Oct. & Nov. but knew December). Of course he doesn't have any concept what the months mean but it still is so funny hearing him list them. We really have to watch what we say around him -- he hears everything!!! =)

Needless to say, we are so happy that the transition to the new class has gone so well. Most importantly, Adam's teachers seem to understand & love him and that means the world to me. We are so thankful.*

*Once again, I have to mention that I REALLY hope I didn't just jinx everything by writing this post!!!*

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E, SS and the Little Man said...

I'm glad he's liking his new pre-school class. Last year, Teo amazed me all the time with the things he was learning in circle time in daycare. He also was almost completely potty trained at daycare (we started him at 18 months), but when summer came, and we went to CO for two weeks, I had him in pull-ups too much. He regressed. Now, he's about 50% potty trained. He wears underwear at home (except at night, of course).