Tuesday, October 6, 2009

30 months... 20 Adam-isms + 10 Favorites

In celebration of Adam being 2 1/2(!), I wanted to highlight some of the hysterical things that he says. He continues to make us laugh on a daily basis with the words & expressions that pop out of his mouth. In honor of his 30th (month)birthday, here are 20 recent Adam-isms that have cracked us up:

1. I have a runny nose. I need a tissue (when he only wanted a tissue -- nose was fine!)

2. Be brave, Doggy, be brave... you'll get a sticker (when playing Doctor with doggy)

3. Don't sleep, mama (when I was getting my blood pressure taken at the Dr's office, I had closed my eyes for a second)

4. Mama, don't push me (when i moved him over -- gently, of course -- in his bed so he wouldn't fall off)

5. I'm going to make you some mac and cheese, mama... mama, here's some soda (Adam says this to me when he's playing in his kitchen. He serves me my "soda" in an empty play-d.oh container!)

6. My back hurts... kiss it!... that's better (amazing what a kiss from Mama can do)!

7. Dada, I got a nice book... it's called "a fish's tale"... read it!

8. It's awesome! It's excellent -- that's what Zaide says! (when building with Le.gos)

9. Mama, you look pretty (after brushing my hair). Mama, you look funny! (when I put my hair back in a bun)

1o. Beth -- Mama -- don't stop the car (After steven said "Beth" when i stopped too long at a stoplight)

11. Where are we going? -- whenever we drive somewhere new, Adam notices

12. What are we doing today? -- this is how Adam greets me most mornings. Love it!

13. Mama: Adam?
Adam: WHAT? -- Right now, it's cute... will soon teach him to respond "yes", though!

14. I love Grammy! (He went up and said this to Grandma and hugged her, out-of-the-blue... so precious)
Recoving a lost ball with Grandma

15. Mama: Love you, Adam!
Adam: Love you, Mama!
Together: Sooo much!

16. While overhearing me complain to my Mom about my hair, Adam stated: It looks beautiful! (my hair)

17. Adam: look at that moose! (when we passed a HUGE metal statue of a bear)
Mama: Actually, I think it's a bear.
Adam: (laughing)it's so funny!!!
Mama: Don't worry, it's not a real bear (I said since Adam is a bit scared of bears and this "bear" was only a few miles from our home)
Adam: It's not real. Real bears are in the zoo.

18. Beth: Oy!
Adam: (laughing) That's what Bobbe & Zaide say!

19. Look, Mama, remember? It's your favorite book! Let's read it! (When finding an "old book" from Adam's "baby days")

20. Adam was singing the first verse of Dayenu in the car. Right before the Dayenu verse came on Adam yelled "HIT IT!" Hilarious (Steven taught him that -- love it)! =)

Adam's Top 10 Favorites (in no particular order):

10. Playing ball (soccer, football, tennis, baseball... it's all good)

9. Climbing (he climbed up the 7ft. climbing wall at the playground last week. He was so proud of himself. I almost had a heart attack)... actually, he loves every part of the playground!

8. Chocolate (definitely my kid). Still loves his fruit (esp. grapes), though.

7. Building -- Legos and soft foam blocks are his favorites

6. Tie between puzzles -- we need to buy some more challenging ones for him now -- and drawing

5. Books -- has a newfound love (and attention span) for them. Current favorites include: The Sesame Street Together Book (my childhood book! Yay!), Are you my Mother? (Dr. Seuss!), Goldilocks (still a favorite), It's not Easy being a Bunny (I think that's the title -- Adam loves all the animals) and the "No, David" books (a new favorite -- which I knew he would love -- we only have the board books.... would love to get the non-board books for him!
David is quite mischievous -- just like our little love)!

4. Cleaning! Adam LOVES to sweep, vacuum, wash the floors, etc. He definitely got this trait from his Bobbe and not from Mama!!! =)

3. Singing. New songs include "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac (seriously), "Shabbat Shalom" and "Rubber Ducky" from Sesame Street... he learns songs so quickly. I need to get him on You Tube!!!

2. Tie between acorns (new hobby) and animals... especially his DOGGIES (you knew they would be on the list!). He loves Kitty Cats, too. =)

1. Family -- Adam LOVES Mama, Dada, Grandma, Bobbe, Zaide and all his wonderful aunts, uncles, and cousins. He talks about his family non-stop.

Grandma & books! Yay!

Two favorites: Daddy and the playground (he recently has enjoyed the swings)

Tucking all his animals in to bed for the night (they didn't stay in the bed for long!)

Mama's Love! Love! Love!


Sarah said...

What fun he sounds like!!! Happy birthday Adam!!!

Oh, and can you send him over to my house...I could use some sweeping and vacumming done too!

beth and melinda said...

ditto on the cleaning!
we'll pay in hugs and kisses