Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun at the Farm

It was a beautiful fall day so we headed back to the local farm where they are hosting a pumpkin patch/fall festivities all month. We went last Sunday but I didn't have my camera. =( Last weekend, we went on a hayride and went to the "real" pumpkin patch, maze, etc. Today we let Adam run around and explore, which he enjoyed. He also liked going down the big slide and even went down it himself 3x(pictures below). He also had fun feeding the goats and picking out pumpkins. What he DIDN'T like was the haunted house. We were standing next to it and the creepy noises were quite loud. Of course Steven, being the big kid that he is, wanted to go in the haunted house. He walked in and Adam FREAKED OUT about Daddy going in! Adam also saw a "scary man" (big hat, white beard, overalls, etc... he looked like a nice Grandpa-type to me, but he scared Adam) that he kept talking about when we left. Besides that... we had a really nice time... and I'm sure we'll be back there (or another local farm) next weekend. Gotta take advantage of the beautiful fall weather! Here are some pics from today...

Feeding the goats "feed"? and bamboo stalks

Running up to go down the slide...


Sliding is fun!

Finding apples(?) and a green pumpkin

Our little tree hugger

Since Grandma was away in Pittsburgh for her birthday, we celebrated it tonight at Out.back Steakhouse (my mom loves a good steak)! Adam & Grandma love to give each other "nose-ys":

Adam discovered his love of high heels back at Grandma's House =):

Also... on the way home from Grandma's, I put my head down & closed my eyes for a second (I was sitting next to Adam). All of a sudden, Adam says: "No, Mama, don't got to sleep in the car. Wait to go home and sleep in the bed." It was so funny... especially since he promply fell asleep -- in the car! -- 5 minutes after saying that! =)

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