Thursday, October 8, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRAMMY (one day early)!!!!

(Hit "play"!)

Dear Grammy,

Happy, Happy Birthday! I wanted to send this out to you a day early since you are leaving for PA in the morning.

Grandma, I just love you SOOOO much. I love all the wonderful things we do together like: -- visit (and gently pet) Dakota -- see the duckies -- make eggs with jelly ("not too much"!) -- watch Baby and take naps on "Grandma's Big Bed" -- play soccer & tennis together -- go for walks -- play with Lewie, Mary & Jack -- clean together (I especially love sweeping your deck) -- read our books -- do NOSIES & coo over DOGGIES together

Most of all, I just love being with you. You are the best, most beautiful, most wonderful Grandma in the world. I just love you so much, Grammy... Mama & Daddy do, too. =) Have the best birthday ever!!!

SOOO much, ADAM xoxoxoxoxoxox
p.s. "Remember these?":
XOXO from Dakoty, too! =)
Happy Birthday, Mom!!! Love you so much!!!

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