Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Love =)

Steven and I both LOVE books. In all honesty, we hoard books -- we both have huge boxes of books that we refuse to part with. I have loved reading as far back as I can remember. I actually have vivid "book memories" such as:

- Going to the "big library" in Fairfax with my dad as a little girl and checking out TONS of books.

-- Going to bookstores (or any store!) with my dad, with specific memories of "Crown Books". My dad basically would buy me whatever I wanted at the store (unlike my mom who wasn't as easy to convince to buy me anything/everything). Usually I just picked out markers, stickers or, of course, a book. I specifically remember being at Crown Books with my Dad -- I must have been 7 or 8? -- and seeing a Beren.stain Bears book that I HAD to have. Only problem was that it was in Spanish. Not that it stopped me -- or my dad -- from buying it. It was called "The Beren.stain Bears and the New Baby (Bambino Nuevo)?" and it was about Sister Bear. Such a great book! =) I'm glad that Beren.stain Bear books are still popular... I even have a set at work. Great lessons in there!

-- Reading "Little Mommy" with my mom (over & over again) as a little girl. Golden Books re-issued it last year so I'm psyched to have another copy of it. The pics (very 70s!) are the same but the format of the book is different than how I remember it.

-- I remember that the first book that was ever read aloud to me at school was "Where the Wi.ld Things Are"... what a classic, huh?

-- I learned to read with a "Dick and" book -- no kidding.

-- The first "novel" I remember reading was "Ramona, age 8". I quickly grew fascinated with Ramona and absolutely ADORED all Ramona/Beverly Clear.y books. I discovered Judy soon after. Judy is still one of my favorite authors.

-- The first biography I read (probably in 3rd or 4th grade) was of Helen Kel.ler. I also remember reading the biography of the founder of Girl Scou.ts -- Juliet Low? I believe? The things you remember!

-- Other favorite picture books as a kid were (in no particular order): Corduroy, Frog & Toad, Amelia Bedelia, Ira Sleeps Over, Danny the Dinosaur, Lyle the Crocodile, Harry the Dog(?), Dr. Seuss books, anything Disney (esp. Donald Duck) and Snoopy... the list is endless.

ALL THAT BEING SAID =), you can imagine how excited I was to have a child to READ to! Yay! The first book Adam was read to was a "Tag.gies" book called "Sweet Dreams" and it was a present from my mom's friend, Judy. Since then, Adam has probably acquired close to 100 books. He has received tons as presents (books are such great gifts) and a lot of his favorites of come from Grandma and Bobbe & Zaide. I also scope out yard sales, library sales, etc. for books. You can find some real classics there. Fortunately, Adam has taken on my love for reading. We usually read about 5 books a day to him and he also reads books to himself. Here are the books that we are currently reading (you can see we read a variety of books -anything from "Goodnight Mo.on" to "Barney goes to Sch.ool!":

I found this book a few months ago and thought it was HILARIOUS. The only words on the pages are "No, no" and "Yes, yes". Of course Adam has done virtually every one of the "No, nos" (he's a very mischievous & spunky little love) found in the book. Steven read it to Adam tonight and said to me afterwards, "You know, Adam has done almost all of these things. It's so funny!". Exactly. =)

Happy Reading! =)


Wendy and Karen said...

Oh I loved Ramona too!!

I think there is no better gift to give to your child than a love of reading. Thanks for sharing the books he loves with us.

E, SS and the Little Man said...

I just got two of those Patricelli books at the library yesterday. THey are great. The ones we got were Yummy Yucky and Quiet Loud. Teo loved them! Good lessons too!